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Is America Becoming a Nation of Renters?
Ominous question, isn’t it? There are all kinds of implications that go with that possibility, and none of them fit neatly within the economic progression of the past 30-40 years when it seemed the entire economy was running largely on the back of the real estate industry. But whether we like it Continue Reading
Buying vs Renting a Home – Its Not All About Money
And other questions you should ask before buying a home... Many articles have been written on the buying vs renting question when it comes to buying a home, but most of the analysis tends to center on the dollars and cents side of the question. We read about tax advantages, investment potentia Continue Reading
What Would You Advise a Friend Facing Foreclosure?
Many of us know people who are facing imminent foreclosure. Millions of people have confronted this dragon, and chances are you know a few. Have you ever been asked for advice by one of them? I have; by more than one. No, I’m not an attorney, or even a debt counselor. But I have spent man Continue Reading
8 Ways to Buy Your House For Less
Despite hints and statistics showing a somewhat improved housing market, now is not the time to merely assume that the market is teeming with good deals and that a return to the real estate price spiral will soon cover any mistakes made in the purchase. The market remains sluggish in many areas, an Continue Reading
Buying a House With <em>Income Potential</em>
We’re going to go back to the future – or is it the past – with this idea. Now that we’ve experienced the mortgage meltdown and the real estate collapse, maybe it’s time to re-examine the whole concept of home ownership. I’m going to make a radical proposal here: the next time you’re l Continue Reading
5 Reasons to Buy LESS House Than You Can Afford
For generations the conventional wisdom on housing was always to buy the most (or more) house that you can afford. The rationale—which worked for decades—was that a house was the closest thing to a guaranteed investment, and by buying the most expensive property you could afford you we Continue Reading
There are tangible benefits to buying either a new home or an existing one, and here are six for each... Continue Reading
If you're buying a home take your time. Move too quickly, and you could pay too much. Continue Reading
2010 was the worst year ever in housing. Is 2011 the year to buy? If you do here are tips to make sure you come out ahead no matter what the market does. Continue Reading
The majority of people who jump into real estate right now will be kicking themselves in a few years when their investment continues to lose value. Continue Reading