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What to Do If You’ll Have to Work for the Rest of Your Life
This has become a more common concern in an age of unstable employment, high healthcare costs, under-reported inflation and short-circuited careers. If you believe that you may have to work for the rest of your life, welcome to the new, unsecure retirement world of the 21st Century. This is the last Continue Reading
Saving For Retirement Late in the Game
What if you're in your 50s, or early 60s, and have little or no retirement savings? Or what if you’re in your 20s or 30s and don’t sense that you ever will? What is your retirement plan? In Retirement Will Be a Fantasy For Most Americans we discussed how the majority of people fall into this cat Continue Reading
Retirement Will Be a Fantasy for Most Americans
One thing I don't like to do here at OutOfYourRut is write to the financially blessed. There's more money in doing that, I'm not going to lie. But there are a lot more people who don't fit into that category, and that's always been my target audience. In my everyday life I meet people of ordinary me Continue Reading
7 Unexpected Challenges With Early Retirement
The topic of early retirement is a serious favorite among personal-finance blogs. While I believe that it’s a worthy goal, there are challenges with early retirement that are rarely discussed. I came up with seven that I think that if you are not prepared for, they can be a serious threat to the w Continue Reading
Finding Sources of Extra Money During Retirement
And they all lived happily ever after... That's the popular last sentence in so many fairy tales and nursery rhymes. But if you're over 30, you're probably painfully aware that real-life doesn't usually work that way. Life can be good, but it’s usually punctuated with times of difficulty. And so i Continue Reading
Fact Vs. Fiction: Common Money Myths That Could Ruin Your Retirement
It is quite common and perfectly understandable to worry about your retirement and whether you will have enough money to do the things that you planned in your twilight years. Following certain common myths could even ruin your retirement. Life and your finances can sometime be unpredictable in Continue Reading
Living the Carefree Life: A Retirement Preparation Planner
Everyone wants to have a care-free retirement, but the sizzle is often much louder than the steak. With financial planners switching gears to offer retirement planning advice to older generations, you’d think you would have nothing to worry about. But you do. Not all financial planners have Continue Reading
5 Ways to Prepare for Retirement Late In the Game
An article is circling the web and the mainstream media this week, reporting that one in three Americans have no money saved for retirement. The findings support a claim that I have made many times on this blog, that the average person is not in a position to enjoy anything that looks like full-time Continue Reading
5 Reasons Why Health Insurance May Be Higher in Retirement – And What You Can Do About It
Do you think that your health insurance premiums are outrageous right now? (You're probably right, by the way) It may actually get worse! A lot of people (mistakenly) believe that health insurance will be reduced to a non-problem in retirement. In fact, health insurance costs are commonly ignored wh Continue Reading
Not Enough Retirement Savings?  Try Paying Off Debt
What happens if you aren’t able to build up a large retirement investment stash — are you doomed to live on the streets in retirement? Probably not. Millions of people will be in the dilemma of having not enough retirement savings, and if you're late in the game, you'll have to look at alternati Continue Reading