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Is 75 the New 65? There May Be No Choice
Since I’m self-employed and home-based, I generally choose to work out at the gym around mid-morning. It just works best with my somewhat unorthodox work schedule. But something I’ve been noticing when I go on weekdays is the pronounced number of people over 60 – and more than a few over 70 Continue Reading
Most Older Workers are Postponing Retirement – Is That a Bad Thing?
This past spring Hunt Scanlon Media reported the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey on retirement. It indicated a full 53% of workers 60 and older are postponing retirement. What’s more, 40% don’t think they’ll be able to retire until age 70 or older. What does that say about the curr Continue Reading
How to Create a Gig Worker Retirement Plan
If you’re a gig worker, do you ever worry about retiring? The gig economy is growing, and so are the number of gig workers. It now encompasses 34% of the U.S. workforce, and is projected to rise to 43% by 2020. This takes in freelancers, contract workers, temporary workers, and probably even the s Continue Reading
Why the “Safe Withdrawal Rate” Won’t Work for Most Retirees
You’re doubtlessly familiar with the many retirement strategies that say something like this: If you invest X dollars per year for the next Y years, at Z percent, you’ll have N dollars by the time you’re ready to retire. That’s certainly true in theory (though most people won’t even get cl Continue Reading
Retirement Won’t be an End Game – But Just Another Phase on the Road of Life
Do you remember the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz? I could be wrong, but I think that’s something like the concept a lot of people have about retirement. It’ll be a whole new life, with brilliant new adventures, and none of the problems of your current life. But will it? Continue Reading
Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Retirement?
It seems ironic to even bring up this topic, given that most people are woefully unprepared for retirement. Yet we seem to have two classes of people where retirement is concerned. One is obsessed with retirement to the point of throwing all their extra money into it, many even actively working towa Continue Reading
“Retiring” on Business Income
If your retirement savings aren’t where they need to be, starting a retirement business may enable you to at least semi-retire with a lot less capital... Continue Reading
Finding or Creating Sustainable Work as a Life Strategy
In It’s Time to Roll Out the Alt-Retirement Movement I outlined the reality that most people will not be able to retire, at least not completely. One of the main points I tried to emphasize was that most people are going to need to continue working, if even at a reduced capacity. As is often th Continue Reading
Why Cohousing May be the High Cost Retirement Housing Alternative
Cohousing? I didn’t make that up. Frequent commentor Looking Ahead introduced me to the term in a comment made on Alt-Retirement and the Long-term Care Dilemma. It’s a perfect term to describe the living arrangements I outlined to deal with the prohibitive cost of long-term care. But in a muc Continue Reading
Reverse Retirement – The New Trend in “Retirement”
It’s rare to go into a big box retail store or a fast food restaurant and not see one or more older people somewhere on staff. While we might think Isn’t that nice, he/she is supplementing their retirement income, there may be a bigger story playing out here. An article in Yahoo! Finance (One-th Continue Reading