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5 Ways to Prepare for Retirement Late In the Game
An article is circling the web and the mainstream media this week, reporting that one in three Americans have no money saved for retirement. The findings support a claim that I have made many times on this blog, that the average person is not in a position to enjoy anything that looks like full-time Continue Reading
5 Reasons Why Health Insurance May Be Higher in Retirement – And What You Can Do About It
Do you think that your health insurance premiums are outrageous right now? (You're probably right, by the way) It may actually get worse! A lot of people (mistakenly) believe that health insurance will be reduced to a non-problem in retirement. In fact, health insurance costs are commonly ignored wh Continue Reading
Not Enough Retirement Savings?  Try Paying Off Debt
What happens if you aren’t able to build up a large retirement investment stash — are you doomed to live on the streets in retirement? Probably not. Millions of people will be in the dilemma of having not enough retirement savings, and if you're late in the game, you'll have to look at alternati Continue Reading
Good Retirement Planning Should Include a Low Cost – Debt Free Lifestyle
Most articles on the subject of retirement planning focus completely on growing tax sheltered retirement savings plans like 401k’s and IRA’s. It’s an effort to build a large capital base as a way of creating a strong retirement income to enable us to maintain the lifestyle we’ve become accus Continue Reading
Save for Retirement Now or Payoff Your Mortgage First?
Two of the most important components of retirement planning are a generous retirement savings plan and a mortgage free home. But if limited resources force you to make a choice, which goal should get the lion’s share of your extra income? Continue Reading
Ways To Increase Your Social Security Benefits
I’m always looking for ways to increase my income, so a friend recently told me about a book he was reading. Claimed the book had strategies on how to change the amount of Social Security benefits I could receive. He didn’t realize I’d already started drawing that seven years ago, so there’s Continue Reading
Are You Preparing for Non-Retirement?
In Preparing for Semi-Retirement I made the case that due to economic conditions, many people would be forced to accept a modified version of retirement, and that such a retirement should be fully anticipated and prepared for. I b Continue Reading
Preparing For <em>SEMI-Retirement</em>
While nearly everyone in the industrialized world is practically fixated on the importance of a comfortable retirement, reality may be heading in a very different direction. Semi-retirement may be the new normal in retirement planning. A report from US News entitled Why the Middle-Aged Are Missing O Continue Reading
Most Americans Will Never Be Able to Retire
Last summer, an article on Yahoo Finance compiled information indicating that the “average working-age family has set aside a mere $3,000 for retirement”. Before dismissing that report, consider that it is consistent with a 2011 survey showing that 64% of Americans have less than $1,000 in liqui Continue Reading
Will Social Security Be There When You Retire?
It’s become almost fashionable these days to talk about the impending bankruptcy of Social Security, as if its demise is all but a done deal. But is that even the case? Will Social Security be there when YOU retire? And how should we plan for what ever we might expect to get from the system when o Continue Reading