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Why Paying Off Debt Before Retirement is More Important than Ever
In What to Do if You Cannot Afford to Retire we laid out five separate strategies to help you create at least a comfortable semi-retirement. The five strategies included saving money, getting out of debt, selling your home, continuing to work, and adjusting your expectations. We’ve already done de Continue Reading
Why You May Need to Sell Your House to Retire
Millions of Americans will not be able to afford to retire. Millions more will barely be able to retire. And still millions more won’t be able to afford to retire, but they’ll go ahead and do it anyway. That’s why you may need to sell your house to retire. This is a suggestion that I made i Continue Reading
Why You Should Save for Retirement No Matter How Old You Are
In What to Do If You Cannot Afford to Retire, I offered as a strategy that you plan to have at least some money saved for the retirement years. I even dared to suggest that you should save for retirement no matter how old you are. This is such an important topic that it needs a post all it’s own. Continue Reading
What to Do if You Cannot Afford to Retire
In today’s world, this concept is so scary that most people don’t even want to think about it. But if you cannot afford to retire, you must think about it.. And you must do more than think about it – you need to create definite strategies and the willingness to follow through with them. Let Continue Reading
6 Strategies for the Early Retirement Health Insurance Dilemma
Early retirement has become a favorite topic in the personal-finance blogsphere. There are even blogs devoted primarily or entirely to the topic. The general theme is save enough money regularly, and invest it faithfully (in S&P 500 index funds), and you’ll be able to retire at 55, 50, 45, 40, Continue Reading
Everyone Talks About Retirement But Few Will Ever Retire
The frequent talk about retirement, particularly in the financial media, stands in stark contrast to the Main Street reality that few will ever retire. I suppose we’ve all been conditioned to live at peace with the bipolar marriage of the “TV version” of life, alongside of a very different rea Continue Reading
Why You Should Never Fully Retire
Millions of working people want nothing more than to pack it in and retire. The Internet has spawned websites and chat rooms dedicated to the topic. People swap stories about what they’re doing to make it happen, and how it’ll feel when they get there. But like so many other aspects of popular t Continue Reading
Coping in Retirement When Investments Aren’t Enough
Many people are sadly unprepared when it comes to finances in retirement. They shouldn’t count on being able to work longer to make that difference up either. Many workers these days don’t have an awful lot in savings and investments that might be used for retirement, aside from their primary re Continue Reading
Will A Million Dollars be Enough to Retire On?
A million dollars was a lot of money when I was a kid. Inflation notwithstanding, for most of us, it still is! It’s an amount the vast majority of people will never have in their bank accounts or anywhere else in their possession. But will a million dollars be enough to retire on? It’s practi Continue Reading
Self-Employed Retirement Options – Which One is Right for You?
One of the biggest drawbacks to being self-employed is the lack of employer paid or sponsored benefits. One of the biggest of these is a retirement plan. However, there are several self-employed retirement options available. You can choose the one that works best for you, but you can also start with Continue Reading