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Becoming a Saver – The Foundation of Financial Success
There's are a lot of high-minded financial strategies being written about on the web. But it seems that for most people, finances are a lot closer to the ground. Given that 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings we may need to be concentrating on something much more basic. Becoming a save Continue Reading
Breaking the Savings Barrier
How many times have you promised yourself that you’d get out of debt? If you’re like a lot of people, you fail at that most of the time. It isn’t that you’re weak, but more that you have one bad habit, and lack another that’s good. Before getting out of debt, you first have to go from h Continue Reading
The Ten-By-Ten Method to Build an Emergency Fund
It often seems that either you’re a saver or you’re not, there’s not a whole lot of middle ground. The main difference between the two is often a simple matter of not getting started. It all begins with an emergency fund, that basic grubstake that you have available for those times when you ha Continue Reading
Building Your Savings With a Savings Snowball
Millions of people and households struggle with debt, and there are various ways offered to help dig out of it. I’ve long felt that the main reason why people have debt problems is because of a lack of savings. If you don’t have savings, you’ll be forced to rely on credit anytime you’re Continue Reading