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Do your teammates come up to you at the end of the day, saying they didn't have enough time to complete the auditing task you assigned them? Does the 8-hour shift feel insufficient sometimes? Well, it's time to discover how to improve the efficiency of your accounting team. The efficiency of a te Continue Reading
Looking for Funding? How to Finance a New Business
Nearly 20% of businesses fail in the first year, and 30% in the second year due to cash flow problems. The cash flow problem arises from high expenses, low revenue, and probably, inadequate business management expertise. When the funds get low, it becomes necessary for young firms to seek extra Continue Reading
How Flexible Invoice Financing Can Benefit Your Small Business
Owning a small business can be an extremely stressful prospect. Not only are you constantly scrambling to make ends meet, but you must also put funds and effort into trying to make your business grow. However, when your business is small and doesn’t have a lot to show for it, securing funding can Continue Reading
Fantastic Advice And Tips To Help You Save On Pay Stub Creation
As the leader of your company, you have a lot of different responsibilities on your hands to deal with. From managing company fees to collaborating with other companies and figuring out what moves you'll make in the next quarter, you have a lot already on your plate. One of the most important Continue Reading
How to Create Work-at-Home Gigs to Free You From Your Cubicle Forever
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home we discussed the why of working at home ? as in why you should. My hope was that in spelling out why work-at-home is a better way to earn a living, you?ll be sufficiently motivated make any effort needed to make it happen. It?s how I work, and I Continue Reading
7 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job to Pursue Your Dream
We?ve all thought about leaving our current job to follow our dreams at one time or another. But actually doing it is considerably more complicated. A nine-to-five might not be conducive to the most exhilarating lifestyle. But it does offer a certain amount of stability and long-term financial secur Continue Reading
How to Find Gig Work in None of the Usual Places
A 2018 Gallup survey put the number of gig workers at 36% of the workforce, or almost 57 million based on a workforce of at least 157 million+ people. But perhaps the more important revelation of the survey is what Gallup referred to as The Great Divide: Independent vs. Contingent Gig Workers. We?ll Continue Reading
Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Side Business
Running a side business is one of the best ways to make sure that you stay out of debt and have enough cash available to put in a savings account. It is relatively easy to come up with an idea and set yourself up. You can run all kinds of business from your home or garage. And there are affordable w Continue Reading
How to Become Self-Employed Even if You?ve Never Been Before
In How Starting Your Own Business Helps You and the Economy we discussed the benefits of self-employment both to you as an individual, and to the overall economy in general. Self-employment not only liberates people from their corporate cubicles, but it also increases the number of available jobs, a Continue Reading
How Starting Your Own Business Helps You and the Economy
If you?ve been feeling trapped by your job, there is a way out. By becoming self-employed, you?ll get off the corporate ladder, and gain greater control over your life. No, it?s not an easy path or even a straight one. But the payoff is more than worth the effort. And there are ways you can become s Continue Reading