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Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Side Business
Running a side business is one of the best ways to make sure that you stay out of debt and have enough cash available to put in a savings account. It is relatively easy to come up with an idea and set yourself up. You can run all kinds of business from your home or garage. And there are affordable w Continue Reading
How to Become Self-Employed Even if You?ve Never Been Before
In How Starting Your Own Business Helps You and the Economy we discussed the benefits of self-employment both to you as an individual, and to the overall economy in general. Self-employment not only liberates people from their corporate cubicles, but it also increases the number of available jobs, a Continue Reading
How Starting Your Own Business Helps You and the Economy
If you?ve been feeling trapped by your job, there is a way out. By becoming self-employed, you?ll get off the corporate ladder, and gain greater control over your life. No, it?s not an easy path or even a straight one. But the payoff is more than worth the effort. And there are ways you can become s Continue Reading
7 Reasons Everyone Needs to Have a Blog
"Everyone" is one of those absolute words we should generally stay clear of. But I?m violating conventional wisdom, sticking my neck out, and saying everyone needs to have a blog! You can beat me up for violating protocol, but before you do, consider the seven reasons why I?m making such a bold decl Continue Reading
Why Aren?t More Americans Self-Employed?
Despite the lack of job security, and the increase in workload and stress, the vast majority of American workers continue on someone else's payroll. In fact, depending on who's statistics you're looking at, the percentage of Americans who are self-employed runs somewhere between 6% and 10% of the to Continue Reading
Planning a business startup? Four important things to consider
If you are contemplating going it alone and becoming your own boss, you are not alone. The past decade has seen an explosion in new business startups for a whole host of reasons. In part, it is down to the difficulties faced in the broader economy. Corporate giants have tightened their belts and luc Continue Reading
5 Easy Ways To Rejuvenate Your Business
As entrepreneurs know, running a business is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs. What?s successful one day may not be the next. And keeping up with trends can feel like being stuck on a merry-go-round. You might feel like you?ve fallen into an uninspired spiral that you just can?t seem to ge Continue Reading
The ?Secret? to Self-Employment Success
Self-employment is a world that you have to create, and in order to do that you have to be relentless in making it happen. You can never give up no matter what. Continue Reading
Retiring on Business Income
If your retirement savings aren?t where they need to be, starting a retirement business may enable you to at least semi-retire with a lot less capital... Continue Reading
Sooner or Later We May All Need to be Self-Employed
A blurb appeared on Linked In a few days ago, opening a forum discussion about self-employment. It reported that self-employment is on the rise in America, and that ?Americans no longer want a boss?. A reasonable desire I think. And it means we may all need to be self-employed, at least eventually. Continue Reading