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The ?Secret? to Self-Employment Success
Self-employment is a world that you have to create, and in order to do that you have to be relentless in making it happen. You can never give up no matter what. Continue Reading
Retiring on Business Income
If your retirement savings aren?t where they need to be, starting a retirement business may enable you to at least semi-retire with a lot less capital... Continue Reading
Sooner or Later We May All Need to be Self-Employed
A blurb appeared on Linked In a few days ago, opening a forum discussion about self-employment. It reported that self-employment is on the rise in America, and that ?Americans no longer want a boss?. A reasonable desire I think. And it means we may all need to be self-employed, at least eventually. Continue Reading
5 Reasons Why Some Businesses Succeed and Other Flame Out
Some businesses succeed and others fail. It would be great if there was a specific formula that could guarantee success. But given the number of variables surrounding starting and running a business, the best we can ever do is to improve the odds. Many of the basic factors that determine why some bu Continue Reading
7 Strategies to Improve the Success of a New Business
Starting a business should be thought of as a long term plan and not a get-rich-quick scheme. Continue Reading
Starting a Side Business ? Why Now is the Time
Even if your job seems secure at the moment there are a number of reasons you should be interested in having your own side business. Its a way to deal with the increasing unreliability of permanent, full-time, benefited jobs... Continue Reading
Ten Dark Sides of Self-Employment
I spend a lot of time on this website hawking the virtues of self-employment. I even see self-employment as the ultimate career solution. But in the interest of full disclosure, I also have to lay out the dark sides of self-employment. They?re real. The purpose of this article is to make you aware o Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why Self-employment is the Ultimate Career Solution
Reader Tim K. and I were having an email exchange a couple of weeks ago on the topic of universal basic income, or UBI. UBI is an idea advocated by some who see it as the solution to the problems in the job market. As technology increasingly displaces human labor, both unemployment and underemployme Continue Reading
Create a Great Office Space in Your Home to Use for a Side Business
If you have been trained to provide a specific service that people need, consider using that skill to make extra money on the side. There are many people who are able to do transcription, data entry, or even accounting for additional income. When you start working for yourself part-time, you need to Continue Reading
How NOT to Run a Business
This past weekend my wife, my daughter and myself got a lesson on how not to run a business. Not that logic and common sense wouldn't make certain things obvious, but sometimes you have to see a certified bad example play out in real time to truly appreciate what it means. We went to a local Continue Reading