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How the Trump Presidency is Likely to Benefit Small Businesses – Or Not
In the race to create jobs – or at least to state the intention of doing so – most politicians are long on promises, and short on delivery. But nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to the creation of small businesses. But since he is not a career politician, do we dare speculate that Continue Reading
7 Reasons You’re More Likely to Reach Financial Independence through Self-Employment than a Job
A lot of people stay on jobs - even if they don't like them - because they believe that doing so will be the shortest route to financial independence. That can be true in some situations, particularly if you like the work that you do. But you're more likely to reach financial independence through se Continue Reading
How Self-Employment Creates a Stronger Economy
The election season has created a blizzard of political ads, overwhelming us with cheery messages on how Candidate A will lead us to the promised land, while the evil Candidate B (always shown in black and white) will take us straight into Hell. No one ever says exactly what they will do, but instea Continue Reading
7 Cloud Tools You’ll Need When Starting Your Small Business
One of the best things you can do for yourself as a small business or start-up owner is to use cloud computing. Accessing most aspects of your business from the internet, wherever you go, is now a business necessity. Plus, cloud software can do almost anything your business needs, whether that's ac Continue Reading
6 Reasons to Hire a Business Advisor
As a business owner, you already know the importance of keeping your books tight and planning strategically for your business’ benefit. You can’t make a profit if you aren’t fully in control of finances, and it’s important to know where every cent goes. If you are contemplating hiring a busi Continue Reading
Always Take Care of the Business Side of Your Business
If you’re in business for yourself, or you’re just starting out, it's easy to forget about marketing your business as you get caught up in other details. I refer to this marketing as taking care of the business side of your business. That is, making sure your business is always growing. I rea Continue Reading
7 Reasons to be Self-Employed
There are at least 7 reasons to be self-employed, and there's probably never been a better time than now. I know that sounds downright loony to some, but it’s the reality of our time. On the plus side, the internet has opened up opportunities for small business ventures because it provides incredi Continue Reading
15 Tips for New Business Start-Ups
I want to pass along some tips from Brandon Turner of on how to successful get a new venture up and running. Entrepreneurship is something encourages, so our goal is to make as many contributions to your plans as possible. These tips apply to new business start- Continue Reading
7 Resources for the Newly Self-Employed
As a small business guy myself, I get why so many people have trouble getting their businesses off the ground. You can have an outstanding idea, and a sterling business plan, but it's so easy to get hung up on small details. Those details could include missing just one or two pieces to the puzzle, s Continue Reading
10 Qualities of the Self-Employed Mindset
Mindset plays a bigger role in entrepreneurial success than anything--how you process and react will drive you forward even when there seems to be no way forward. Continue Reading