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How Long to Keep Pay Stubs, Bills and Other Financial Records
Taxation has always been a controversial issue for Americans. Regardless of our feelings, most of us pay our taxes yearly in compliance with the law. That raises the question how long to keep pay stubs, bills and other financial records. For most, the process is easy. We get our pay stubs in Continue Reading
It?s Tax Scam Season
I did some research and Benjamin Franklin really did write the only certain things in life are death and taxes. For Americans, since the passage of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and gave our government the right to collect taxes, that inevitability comes around all too frequent Continue Reading
How to Get Current on Estimated Tax Payments ? and Stay That Way
If you?re self-employed, collect alimony, receive rental or investment income, or even win big in Vegas, both the IRS and your state revenue office get a piece of the pie. If you haven?t set aside Uncle Sam?s portion, you?ll be miserable come April 15. Don?t worry ? if you?re behind on covering thes Continue Reading
How To Use Tax Credits To Lower Your Tax Liability
Now that another tax season is upon us, there?s plenty to know as we get ready to prepare our own returns. One of the most overlooked areas of tax preparation is tax credits. There?s much discussion about tax deductions but far less in the equally important area of tax credits. You can learn how to Continue Reading