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The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on a Middle-Income Family
The COVID pandemic has created havoc in everyone’s lives. The devastation is not only local but global. Almost every country is struggling to cope with the repercussions which have trickled down to the average middle-income family. We're only now beginning to realize the extent of the economic imp Continue Reading
If There?s No Inflation How Come Our Insurance Premiums are Exploding?
Within the past 30 days we've gotten two pieces of disturbing news on the insurance front. The first is that our health insurance premium is going up by about 25% for 2019. The second is that our home insurance just tripled. They're not just rising, our insurance premiums are exploding. Now all t Continue Reading
Book Review: <em>Prosper!</em> By Chris Martenson & Adam Taggart
Years ago, I caught myself watching a children?s cartoon where the main character came face-to-face with an older, future version of himself. His future self was living in miserable conditions and had traveled back in time to help his younger version prevent the awful circumstances that had led up t Continue Reading
Why the War on Cash is Unlikely to Happen in America
There have been a lot of back page reports about the so called ?war on cash?. India is the best example, since they severely restricted cash use last October. But they?re not alone. A cash clampdown also seems to be taking shape in Australia and several European countries already have plans in place Continue Reading
Here’s Why You Can’t Get a Job or a Promotion
If you've been having difficulty finding work, or thriving in your current position, there are big picture factors that are playing a huge role. Though the government, economists, and even the mainstream media try to make it look like it's all your fault (not enough education, wrong skillsets, not e Continue Reading
Are Negative Interest Rates The Answer to Economic Chaos?
The New York Stock Exchange?s daily chart looks like a schematic of some of the scariest roller coasters in the world. Up steeply one day, precipitous plunge the next, then a long slow climb back up, only to drop like a rock the next week. What are we, the average schleps on the street, gong to be f Continue Reading
Am I the Only One Who Thinks the Published Inflation Rate is Bogus?
As you can guess from the title, I think that the published inflation rate is bogus. Completely. Let me explain. Over the weekend I was going through some old files and boxes, trying to cut down on some of the clutter that I?ve collected over the years. One of the more interesting tidbits I came acr Continue Reading
Big Eats Little – Why the Economy Will Never Take Off
Until last week we had the best?trash disposal service we?ve ever had. It was a small, locally owned and operated independent company that not only charged much lower fees than the big haulers, but they also delivered superior customer service. But on Monday ? the day that we normally have pick up f Continue Reading