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Why the War on Cash is Unlikely to Happen in America
There have been a lot of back page reports about the so called “war on cash”. India is the best example, since they severely restricted cash use last October. But they’re not alone. A cash clampdown also seems to be taking shape in Australia and several European countries already have plans in Continue Reading
How Best to Prepare for a Financial Crisis
If you're in debt, you know all too well the stress that comes with a pile of unpaid bills. There are many things that happen in your life that can cause this, such as a loss of income, unexpected medical expenses or a child heading off to college. Unfortunately, more often than not, what follows sh Continue Reading
Here’s Why You Can’t Get a Job or a Promotion
If you've been having difficulty finding work, or thriving in your current position, there are big picture factors that are playing a huge role. Though the government, economists, and even the mainstream media try to make it look like it's all your fault (not enough education, wrong skillsets, not e Continue Reading
Are Negative Interest Rates The Answer to Economic Chaos?
The New York Stock Exchange’s daily chart looks like a schematic of some of the scariest roller coasters in the world. Up steeply one day, precipitous plunge the next, then a long slow climb back up, only to drop like a rock the next week. What are we, the average schleps on the street, gong to be Continue Reading
Am I the Only One Who Thinks the Published Inflation Rate is Bogus?
As you can guess from the title, I think that the published inflation rate is bogus. Completely. Let me explain. Over the weekend I was going through some old files and boxes, trying to cut down on some of the clutter that I’ve collected over the years. One of the more interesting tidbits I came a Continue Reading
Big Eats Little – Why the Economy Will Never Take Off
Until last week we had the best trash disposal service we’ve ever had. It was a small, locally owned and operated independent company that not only charged much lower fees than the big haulers, but they also delivered superior customer service. But on Monday – the day that we normally have pick Continue Reading