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Mobile Data is Not a Luxury Anymore
Contrary to popular belief, mobile data is not a luxury. People have the right to connectivity at all times as the world gradually shifts online, leaving those without data well, out in the cold! Job applications are mostly done online now. LinkedIn does not have a hard copy magazine. Eat Out, Ebay Continue Reading
What Are Your Options if You Get Injured Through No Fault of Your Own
You're driving along minding your own business when suddenly you are rear ended. Or, perhaps you were working on the job and received an injury through faulty equipment. These scenarios and many others just like them happen every day to innocent people. What are your options if you get injured throu Continue Reading
What Your Car Says About You
Although not all vehicles can be as lifelike as Herbie the Love Bug, or as distinctive as the Batmobile, your set of wheels still makes a statement about your personality and priorities every time you pull away from the curb. Perhaps the vehicle you’ve chosen reveals that you’re focused on fuel Continue Reading
Planning, Packing and Points: Top Tips to Earn Travel Rewards Before Your Next Trip
If you're planning an upcoming trip, you'll probably be looking for ways to save money on everything from your flights to your hotel to your car hire. One of the best ways to make big savings when you go away is to sign up to earn travel rewards program. You can quickly save up points that you can t Continue Reading
Recovering From the Devastating Cycle of Depression and Addiction
Out-of-control stress can come from many sources. It can come from financial stress (1) because you’ve just lost a job or because you can’t pay your bills. And it can come from emotional stress because your relationship or marriage is falling apart. In fact, out-of-control stress - a state where Continue Reading
Saving Money With Verizon’s New Plans
My wife and I use Verizon cell phones under a legacy plan from a former employer. We’re very happy with what we pay, and what we get. Call us old-fashioned, but we’d rather call someone than text them, and any photo op we have we can handle by waiting until we have a camera. The feel of a keypad Continue Reading
Are You Prepared for a Home Disaster?
An unforeseen catastrophe can explode in your placid, contented home anytime. Calamities know no time schedule, and when they strike, there’s no avoiding them. Are you prepared for a home disaster? You should be! Once a disaster happens, the time to prepare is gone and all you can do is cope …an Continue Reading
Surviving a Drought
I’m not certain what to believe. Evidence has some doubting the existence of a “global warming” problem, but there’s no question there has been some “climate change.” Admittedly that “change” may be part of a regular cycle of Earth, but it has manifested itself in some attention-grab Continue Reading
Why Delaying Social Security Benefits Isn’t ALWAYS the Right Thing to Do
There’s been a lot of discussion about the virtues of delaying Social Security benefits, all the way to age 70 if necessary. And while it’s true that your income will be higher as a result of the delay, it’s not always the right thing to do. We’re going to take a look at the tangible benefit Continue Reading
Don’t Break These Rules for Your Family Summer Vacation
Spring break is over. Next up – the summer vacation! Are you ready? Traveling is not easy on any of us, but don't worry! The time together can be enjoyable and fun. Follow these tips and your next family summer vacation will be the best one yet. Before You Leave Pick out a family trip that' Continue Reading