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The Rolling Stone Affair Proves That We Should Take the Media With a Large Grain of Salt
The Columbia Journalism Review issued a report Sunday, April 5, 2015, analyzing the article A Rape on Campus, which appeared in a November 2014 issue of ROLLING Stone. The conclusion of Sheila Coronel, Steve Coll, and Derek Kravitz, all highly respected faculty members, was a failure of the reporter Continue Reading
What to Do if the Primary Provider in Your Family is Hurt on the Job
We talk a lot about earning a living on this site but one thing that we haven’t covered – that we desperately need to – is what to do if you are the primary provider for your family, or at least a major contributor, and you are hurt on the job. It matters even if your injury is not employment Continue Reading
Do You Really Save Money at Dollar Stores?
Dollar stores are a great concept – at least in theory. They have almost every conceivable item, and all of it on sale for one dollar. Compared to the typical grocery store, or even the big box retailers like Walmart, there’s a lot of savings to be had. But do you really save money at dollars s Continue Reading
Why Teach Your Kids How to Cook?
When our kids were very young we began teaching them how to cook. In fact, we have videos of my son helping me cook pancakes for breakfast when he was just four years old! There wasn’t much he could do at that age, but I did have him mix the batter and sometimes flip the pancakes on the griddle. N Continue Reading
Do Science and Technology Invalidate Faith in God?
Nuclear energy…the microchip…the electron microscope…the internet…we even put a man on the moon! Darn, we’re pretty stinking smart these days, aren’t we? We’re impressing the heck out of ourselves—what will they (meaning we) come up with next? If we can do all of this, if we can Continue Reading
You need to make the stock allocation changes. You don’t need to get them 100% right and you can still be far ahead of those who aren’t making changes at all. Continue Reading
Find a person who could find some use for your "junk" and would be willing to pay for it, rather than throwing it out... Continue Reading
By Kevin M Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Digg, Stumbleupon. When we think of the social media, we often think of it as mostly a toy to be used to connect with others and to entertain ourselves, or as a place to peddle income producing wares. But what about using it to drive ideas that are important Continue Reading
By Kevin M Twitter can seem daunting at times. It’s the preverbal “fire hose of information” coming at you so fast it’s almost incomprehensible--the information superhighway of the information superhighway. To the outside observer, it can seem as if there’s no logical purpose to it, Continue Reading
By Kevin M With nearly 8,000 followers on Twitter, this is a question I’m getting pretty regularly these days. Most people assume I’ve signed up with an automated follower system, which isn’t remotely true. No, it’s just a regular routine—what’s now a habit—applied consistently ov Continue Reading