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Why Bundling Services Might be a Bad Deal
Companies are always trying to get us to take their bundle plans, neat packages that promise a veritable one-stop shopping trip for all of our communication needs. Cable TV, internet, land lines, cell phones - they’ll load them all into a pretty little bundle for us and provide a nice discount for Continue Reading
How Frugality Becomes Counterproductive
One year ago — just about to the day — I took my first stab at this topic in Why Earning More Money is More Important than Frugality. It was one of the most popular posts I’ve done in the five years that I’ve had this site up and running. It seemed for a while that I’d covered the topic as Continue Reading
15 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill to the Bone
When ever we start looking to save money, the first place we tend to look is the grocery budget. One of the reasons we do this is because, unlike a house payment or a car loan, grocery shopping is a true variable expense. It’s an expense we have a large measure of control over which makes it a nat Continue Reading
Finding Less Expensive Ways to Buy Meat
Lately I’ve been doing a series of posts on grocery shopping. I suppose this is in response to the very noticeable – but underreported – increase in food prices. Today I want to focus specifically on meat, since it represents a disproportionately large share of the typical grocery budget. Meat Continue Reading
ALDI Review – Does it Live up to the Hype?
My wife and I have been looking for new places to buy groceries. Food prices are rising, and there is only so much coupon clipping you can do. Sometimes you just have to find new and less expensive places to shop. On Wednesday, in Do You Really Save Money at Dollar Stores I considered the use of dol Continue Reading
Save Money on Razor Blades by Trading Up
This topic isn’t exactly high finance, but razor blades are getting expensive, and I’ve been looking for ways to fight the trend. And I think I’ve finally found it in the Gillette Fusion Proglide - at least until something better comes along! Though it may look like it at times, this article i Continue Reading
Start and Grow Your Nest Egg – Even if Your Broke
If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, and struggling just to get by each month, that situation won’t improve until you reach the point where you have a cushion to back you up. You might think that the pressure would be eased by an additional income source, but the problem with higher income is Continue Reading
10 Things You Should Buy Used
America is often described as a “throw away society”. We buy things—usually brand new—use them for a while, get rid of them in some form or fashion, then move on to the next thing. This creates an enormous pile of stuff sitting somewhere—much of it of pretty good quality—and presen Continue Reading
The Connection Between Happiness and Being Frugal
On Friday we considered the effect that being frugal has on your ability to achieve financial freedom in The Connection Between Financial Freedom and Being Frugal. Today, we are going to dare consider that there may also be a connection between happiness and being frugal. While being frugal may s Continue Reading
4 EASY Ways to Save Money, Time and Stress on Christmas Shopping
Here are some tips that will save you money, time and stress, freeing you up to actually enjoy the Christmas season… Continue Reading