Create a Great Office Space in Your Home to Use for a Side Business

If you have been trained to provide a specific service that people need, consider using that skill to make extra money on the side. There are many people who are able to do transcription, data entry, or even accounting for additional income. When you start working for yourself part-time, you need to do what you can to create a great office space area to work in. Many people choose to create a professsional-type office area in their home, and even a fully dedicated room for that purpose. Use the following guide for a few tips on creating the perfect office space for your side business.

Choose the Right Computer to Suit Your Needs

Create a Great Office Space in Your Home to Use for a Side Business
Create a Great Office Space in Your Home to Use for a Side Business

If you are someone who needs to be able to work at your home and on the go, a great laptop is going to be the best option for you. When choosing the right laptop, you need to consider if you want the laptop to serve as a tablet, as well as a laptop or simply as a laptop. Consider how large you want the screen to be and how heavy you want the laptop to be before buying it.

Find the best deals on laptops online by taking the time to review a few different makes and models before making a final purchase. This will ensure that you can feel confident you got the best price that you possibly could.

Choose the Right Furniture for the Space

When you create an office in your home, you want to have as professional of a look as you can. Having the right office furniture can really impact the overall look of your office. Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes if you have a limited amount of space in the room. Choose a desk that has a file cabinet built into it to store files with ease. Choose foldable chairs for your clients to sit in so that you can store them out of the way when they are not in use. You need to invest in a desk that is large enough for you to work on and for you to be able to show customers what you are doing with ease.

Choose the Right Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Invest in a printer to use when you meet with customers so that you can print off pertinent information for them. Consider if you want to invest in a printer that connects to your computer wirelessly or if you want one that connects with wiring. There are some printers that can be used as copiers, faxes, and printers. They are ideal for just about any office space.

A shredder is also another great office tool to invest in for your business. It will allow you to shred confidential information in front of your clients so they can feel confident that their information is safe and not able to be stolen by someone.

Choose the Right Telephone Option for You

You need to decide if you want to have a landline for your business or if a cell phone will work well for your needs. There are some people who do not have good reception at their home and investing in a landline is the best option for them because then they can always hear their clients clearly.

Once you have your office set up properly, you will be ready to start making extra money offering customers your services. It may take time before you can customize the office space exactly the way that you want it to be, but once everything is said and done, you will be able to feel comfortable in the space at all times.

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10 Responses to Create a Great Office Space in Your Home to Use for a Side Business

  1. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to rent office space. I don’t have any room in my current apartment, though, and I hate being away from my dogs, so for now I’ve created a mini office in my living room.

  2. Hi Alexis – For 5.5 years I ran my blogging/writing business out of a corner of my bedroom. You do what you have to do until you can afford to do better. It can work, believe me. Just make sure you set it up as a true business space, that way it will be conducive to work. It is possible to create a highly functional dual use room, but you do have to be creative.

  3. HI Kevin. Yes, I also did my gig work for ten years working out of a corner of my bedroom until I bought my own home and then used a spare bedroom. You would have thought I won the lottery having access to that 10×12, four white-walled room. I made it into a lovely office which I was happy to walk into every day. I opened the window and listened to birds, looked at things I loved every day instead of industrial, commercial desks and chairs. I had the music I loved, my beloved dog sleeping on my feet,etc. Now granted, I was still working full-time elsewhere, but, as we discussed, this gig work allowed me some financial freedom I would never have had otherwise. I hope to retire from full-time work in a few years, but I am still very much interested in some kind of work from home that would suit my skills and schedule in retirement. And then I can decorate another room!!! 🙂

  4. That’s me Bev! My office is like 12 X 11 (smallest room in the house), and I feel blessed just to have a dedicated work space with a door. Interesting story about the door though. I seldom close it, but it’s emotionally comforting just knowing I have it and can close it when the noise outside gets disrupting. My productivity has increased just by having a specifically dedicated work room. Even when my wife and kids come it, I cut them off after a few minutes and let them know it’s work time. I’ve found that you very much have to establish boundaries otherwise work at home can turn into chaos in short order.

  5. I’ve been thinking a lot about creating my own office space, but the more I think about it, the more I realize less is more!

    The only 2 items I still need to invest in are a laptop backpack (which I hope to buy over the next few days) and a good printer, since the one I have now is old and slow.

    The only thing that’s missing is some peace and quiet, since the street I live on is undergoing some major repairs 😀

  6. Yes Adam, it looks to be a well utilized corner of an attic bedroom. If the bedroom itself is private, it could work for many small at-home business ventures.

  7. Hi Adriana – As a blogger, a laptop is about all the equipment I need. But apart from that I do need concentration space in order to be really productive. If you’re operating out of your living room or kitchen there may be too much going on to concentrate. But a bedroom corner, with a door on the bedroom, can give you all the quiet you need. As to the busy street outside, not much you can do with that. Have you tried drowning it out by playing soft music?

  8. Hey Kevin – I usually “set” my office in the kitchen or bedroom and am usually able to concentrate on what needs to get done. Soft music actually has the opposite effect. I know many are able to concentrate better with music or are even able to multitask, but I’m not one of them. I literally need peace and quiet, which is why the noisy street makes me go “Grrr!” sometimes 😀 But that’s OK, they said they’ll be done with the repairs over the next month or so (Thank goodness!)

  9. Amazing ! You got the perfect idea I must say that this is very creative ,
    My room is not spacious but I feel nervous when I have to work at home by the way after reading this and see what you share it make feel better and got the best idea with this ,
    Really appreciate thanks for sharing the value information !!!!!

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