DIY Repairs Really Do Save You Money

In our instant gratification society, when something breaks it leaves us in a panic. Everything from the coffee maker to the car to the house is likely to need a repair at some point. Unfortunately, we are in a habit of hiring someone to make repairs or we rush out and replace the item with a new one. If you want to be truly fiscally responsible, taking care of your own repairs – doing DIY repairs – will save you plenty of money and keep your things functioning smoothly.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places where we are more likely to see something break down, due to the fact we are always using our appliances in the kitchen. When the coffee machine or the toaster break in the middle of making breakfast, it is a frustrating moment. This also leads to the likely option of rushing to the store and replacing the item.

DIY Repairs Really Do Save You Money
DIY Repairs Really Do Save You Money

It?s a fast solution that allows us to continue on with our day. The reality is, you can save tons by simply repairing the item yourself. Whether you need espresso parts or a switch for the toaster, getting those parts is easy simply by contacting the manufacturer and having them sent to you. Even if you aren?t a handy person, you can often find repair instructions or tutorial videos to help you navigate the world of repairing your appliance.

In and Under the Vehicle

Car repairs can be a very costly expense depending on what the issue is at hand. We often take our cars to a mechanic to make the necessary repairs but have you ever looked at the bill and studied what you are paying for? You purchase the parts at an increased price so the shop can make a profit. Then you pay for labor for making the repair in order to pay the employee. That amount could be inflated as well for the shop to make a little more in profit.

While it?s wonderful that we support our local mechanics who take care of repairing our vehicles, not all repairs should be done by them. Simple things like replacing a spark plug, an oil change, or replacing a headlight bulb are things we should be doing for ourselves. Parts are easy to locate by visiting your local automotive shop. How to repair them is as easy as checking online for your make and model vehicle. Know a mechanically inclined person? Have them show you how to make the repair or do the maintenance.

Changing a headlight by a mechanic can cost you $50-$100 and you may have to wait a few hours for them to get to it. Buy it yourself for less than $20 and pop it in within 15 minutes. Which sounds easier and more cost efficient?

Around the House

Lots of repairs around the house require a professional. The hot water heater blowing in the middle of winter or the roof needing repair after that last windstorm are certainly items you will want a professional to handle. But some repairs are easy to do on your own and will save you tons of money in return.

Things like clogged drains, broken toilet seats, and replacing a light switch are relatively easy repairs and cost you very little in regards to parts and tools. Before you call the repair man, do a Google search for what you need fixed or ask a neighbor for some input. You are likely to get a fast response, quick repair, and save hundreds!

A lot of our repairs are truly easier than we like to think they are. By repairing them ourselves, we become a little more invested in our appliances, vehicles, and the homestead itself. It?s a truly invigorating and freeing experience when we can do something ourselves rather than call for help. You should give it a try sometime!

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