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As a Christian, it?s incumbent upon us to give witness of our faith in all that we do, and that includes our work (?No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.??Luke 11:33). For this reason, the Faith Forum (top and bottom bars of the site) has been added to this site, as a forum dedicated to the exchange of ideas related to the Christian faith. Believers, seekers and the mere curious are welcome to visit and participate through comments and direct submission of posts.

Within the context of as a whole, I will avoid (within the limits of my human frailty) the proliferation of ideas and concepts which are in obvious conflict with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is not to say that the site will be hostile to those of other faiths?or to those of no faith at all?but that financial concepts and schemes that might represent a contradiction to the Christian faith?or to most any other faith?will be excluded (where identifiable within the limits of my human ability to discern as much). To the extent that I fail in that effort, your emails apprising me of my error will be warmly appreciated. Please be reminded that a Christian corrects in love, and not in anger! 😉

A major reason for establishing a dedicated Faith Forum is that most of my faith related beliefs and ideas are on the heavy side; I?m not as comfortable with light inferencing as I am with straight discussion, so I prefer to keep my faith writings and comments separate from the more worldly ones I harbor.

There will be no order to this category, and I will write about any faith related topic I feel led to write, and add any post offered by a reader that seems reasonable within the scope of the subject matter. is a multi-purpose site. As such, faith topics will, for the most part, appear in the Faith Forum only. Out of respect for non-believers and for people of other faiths, faith-based posts will not appear on the site landing page. Anyone wishing to partake in faith-based posts and discussions is warmly invited to visit the Faith Forum pages. If you find such discussions to be offensive or irritating, please avoid the forum pages, but continue to visit and participate in the other pages of the site. All are welcome anywhere on this site.

Advertising on the Faith Forum. There will be advertisements on Faith Forum pages, just as there are on all other pages within Some people of faith bristle at the idea that one might earn revenue in the area of faith, citing Matthew 21:12 (?Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there.?). A couple of things on that point?first, is NOT a temple; second I am not a member of the clergy; and third, even churches have a collection plate! All of us must do something to earn a living, and that includes me. I don’t charge admission to the forum, don’t solicit for donations, and don’t operate as a charitable organization of any sort, so please be kind and extend your understanding in this area.

Again, if you have a faith based post or idea you?d like to add to the forum, as everywhere else on, please contact me with your idea.

Kevin Mercadante

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