Getting Compensation for No-Fault Personal Injuries

Injuries are a part of life. Most are minor and don?t slow people down. But suffering a personal injury can also be a devastating blow that affects every aspect of your life. That’s why getting compensation for no-fault personal injuries is sometimes necessary.

I?m not one to advocate for legal recourse, but I also don?t think people should suffer for someone else?s mistake. Sometimes individuals and families have to file personal injury claims and contact an attorney to get the help they need.

Getting Compensation for No-Fault Personal Injuries
Getting Compensation for No-Fault Personal Injuries

If you find yourself in one of the situations below remember you don?t have to accept the repercussions of someone else?s mistake.

Getting Compensation for Auto Accidents

Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians that are injured at no fault of their own in an auto accident have a very solid personal injury case. Auto accidents are one of the most common catalysts for personal injury claims in the U.S.

A top-rated personal injury lawyer handles dozens of auto-related cases every year. Legal analysts note that the damages that can be awarded go far beyond medical expenses. If the injuries kept you from working you can seek compensation for lost wages. You may also receive compensation for pain and suffering.

As long as you seek medical attention right away, documented your records/bills and were in no way responsible for the accident, there?s a good chance the at-fault driver?s insurance company will provide compensation.

On-the-Job Injuries

When a primary provider is injured on the job it can have serious financial repercussions. Not every employer provides workers comp, especially if you?re a contract employee. Even if workers compensation is available it may not be enough to cover all of the related costs.

Some industries, like construction, have a higher risk of on-the-job injuries but an accident can happen in any workplace. You need to document the injury immediately noting all of the circumstances involved. The human resources manager will need to be made aware of the injury so they can help you receive medical benefits and line up disability and/or workers comp.

If your employer can?t or won?t help you get assistance, then you may have to take legal action. This is often the case if your injury prevents you from working and earning an income. Compensation can be awarded for medical bills, pain and loss of income.

Falls and Slips in a Business

You can be walking along like normal one minute and the next you?re on the ground in pain. Slips and falls happen all the time for many reasons. If the slip and subsequent injury were due to negligence on the part of the business owner you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

A fall may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to serious injuries. For the elderly, a fall can be a life-threatening event.

In addition to compensation for your immediate medical bills, you may also be able to get the business to cover the cost of physical therapy, medical devices and medications that are used long-term.

Dog Attacks

Dogs are man?s best friend, but every now and then they aren?t. Every year 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. Most of the time it?s a minor injury, but even then medical attention is typically needed. Other times the bite is a serious wound that can be life-threatening.

The owner of the dog is responsible, however, state law dictates how the owner must compensate the victim. When a person or pet is attacked by a canine that?s already on a ?dangerous dog? list the owner should be held liable and have to cover medical expenses related to the attack. If the attack happened on another person?s property their homeowner’s insurance should cover the cost of medical expenses.

Product Defect

The Federal Consumer Commission (FCC) requires numerous safety tests before products can hit the market, but every now and then a defect will slip through. Sometimes it?s simply a matter of not knowing how the product will hold up over time with use. Other times defects are due to product design or materials that are used. In rare cases the manufacturer is aware of the defect yet fails to notify the FCC and consumers.

When a product defect causes a personal injury and you can prove the product was used correctly, the manufacturer is the liable party. This is established by product liability law. This can be a complex case to handle, especially if there?s no recall on the product. You?ll want to talk with an experienced attorney who understands the laws involved and how to negotiate with a company that doesn?t want to admit they made a defective product.

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2 Responses to Getting Compensation for No-Fault Personal Injuries

  1. There are ways to get compensation for no-fault injuries if you are will to get the correct legal help. Automobile insurance will cover this kind of injuries provided the person whose car injured you has the coverage. Yours will also but expects to be recompensated from the other insurance. But thanks to all these “sue-happy” lawyers compensations, auto insurance costs are higher for the drivers who don’t get into accidents. I personally had my car insurance dropped because the person who borrowed my car (son-in-law) totaled the car and tried to sue me for all of the above-listed items even though he caused the accident which also involved two other vehicles.
    Yes, a lot of construction companies hire contract workers to avoid paying workman’s compensations insurance which I blame on both the workers and companies to not support unions who created that problem by getting too political with the funds the union dues go into. People forget what it was like to work before unions where workers had to depend on the goodwill of the employers. I would hate to have to return to that situation. Once again, those poor workers who accept positions in these companies because of cash pay only encourage more to follow suit and have no way to get compensation except by suing using shylock lawyers. Half of what is assumed as a worker right is not because there’s no law on the books.
    I have a pet peeve about falls in a business because I have seen( witnessed) too many false manufactured reasons but if the company has insurance, the claimant can get compensation after going through the investigation process.
    Dog attacks are the dog owners responsibility but so many people who own dogs fail to follow basic rules of ownership especially walking the dog on a leash properly. I was so happy to hear the crackdown by the airlines concerning emotional support animals who have not been certified animals for service in any form. Watch Judge Judy and listen to all the owners defending their unleashed huge animal as docile and blame the other little animal for being aggressive.
    Product defects injuries can be compensated if you check websites. Problem is most are not well known because the company tries to cover it up. Take the Instant Pot, which has been considered dangerous for awhile but the company refused to state this until enough consumers complained via a lawsuit. Or the Tanaka airbags in multiple car vehicles which were known to be ineffective. You have to be the informed consumer when you buy anything.

  2. I agree with you on auto accidents Maria. We were driving on a freeway in Atlanta many years back, and this lady driving the car in front of us just stopped in the middle of the road. I slammed on the breaks, and stopped a couple feet short of her rear bumper. But the couple behind us plowed into the back of our van, and the female passenger ended up with a broken leg. Long and short of it, the couple in front of us were insisting we hit them and she hurt – alternatively – her back, her head or her shoulder (the story she gave the cop kept changing). Go to find out she was in an assigned risk pool, and probably was no stranger to faking accidents. Fortunately, it all resolved in our favor and we never even had to go to court. I’m guessing she couldn’t get a doctor to substantiate her “injury”. Meanwhile there was no damage to the back of her car confirming we hit her.

    The contract worker situation is a hornets nest. So many jobs are contract now, I’ve had some myself. It’s all about the employers hiring you in an employee like work arrangement, but excusing themselves of any liability or responsibility. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a major government crackdown, given that it’s so common. But it seems as if we’re going back to employment as it existed before World War II, where you’re an at-will employee with no rights or employee benefits. This another time when I’m thankful to be blessed with self-employment.

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