Here’s How You Leave a Great and Smart Legacy

A lot of people feel that they live and live well, but something about their lives just feels incomplete. Sometimes this missing factor can be a true sense of accomplishment. Other times it may just be fear of missing out on building a legacy. Maybe it comes from an unfulfilled desire to leave a great and smart legacy.

Leaving a legacy means to be remembered even after you are long gone. It means to etch your name in the present so that people may remember it in future. Not just that, a legacy means to financially, emotionally and mentally make a contribution towards the future of your loved ones.

Here's How You Leave a Great and Smart Legacy
Here’s How You Leave a Great and Smart Legacy

To leave a legacy one needs to map out his/her life in ways that make every step count. After all, living a life that mattered not just to you but to people around you is one of the first steps towards building a legacy. Then, one needs to decide what their legacy will be so that they can shape their lives in that direction. Making better use of time and resources while embarking on this journey is of utmost importance too.

So, here are some tips that can help you leave a great and smart legacy:

Have a Financial Plan

Leaving a legacy can never be accidental. Once you’ve worked hard towards securing a fortune you must sketch out a plan and pass the baton to the next generation responsibly. Money is something to be thankful for, but if it is handled poorly, it can destroy many lives in its wake. You can defend your legacy and secure your family by thinking of an arrangement to transition your wealth.

Estate planning is the way towards making a legitimate arrangement for utilizing your property. The main thing you can do today is make a legal will in consultation with your lawyer. This is an important step when it comes to transitioning property. Here you need to chalk out your primary and contingent nominee. You may think,  what’s a contingent beneficiary? In simple terms, it is the second, third, or fourth person in line to receive payout from life insurance policies if your primary beneficiary is not around.

Fruitful financial planning not just includes good investment or diversifying your investments but it also includes selection of beneficiaries, and dealing with the accumulated wealth. This lets you make wise and informed decisions that your loved ones can benefit from.

Pass on your Life’s Lessons

Apart from securing the lives of your near and dear ones financially, it is also important to leave your values behind. This personal and emotional touch will impart a true meaning to your life. Be conscious about the values you’re instilling in your children and become a person youngsters look up to.

While running around making money, don’t forget to be present for your family. The present of your presence is what matters most to your loved ones. After all, a legacy consists of lasting memories created together. So, hustle for the future, but do not leave behind the precious moments of togetherness with family and friends.

Never skip on the family history and storytelling. People are immortalized through the stories they tell or are part of. Thus, it is essential to impart to you kids the most important lessons of life. It can be through your personal experiences and stories. Tell your kids about family traditions, heirlooms and special stories that are particular to your legacy.

Write a legacy letter for the generations you may never meet. For instance, your grandchildren or even your great grandchildren. Writing a legacy letter often slips people’s minds but most people who make it big in life make sure to personally impact generations after them.

Leaving a spiritual impact on relationships and setting examples for your family and friends to imitate are also important pillars of your undying legacy. Be sure to sit with your loved ones and have ‘real conversations’. And make time for each and every member in the family.

Generosity & Kindness Go a Long way

Most people that succeed in life and are remembered for ages to come are never just extremely rich or great; they are people who have been extremely kind and generous in their lives. It is said that a person is always remembered for their good deeds and that can never be left out while building a legacy.

Being generous and kind goes a long way. It not just makes others around you remember you for long but also makes them happy. So do not wait for opportunities to act kind, find opportunities to work for others and make a difference in others lives.


Leaving a legacy may sound like a herculean task however, working towards it each day can make it a reality. Your legacy of kindness, love, good deeds and monetary support will keep you alive in the memories of your loved ones for ages to come.

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