How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience ? Or Worse

The other day I was trying to come up with a word or phrase that would adequately describe the current Donald Trump hysteria. What I came up with was Trumphobia. That?s it!, I thought – I?m totally brilliant!

But as it turns out, I?m not that brilliant.

As a blogger, one thing I?ve trained myself to do by instinct is to research anything that I believe to be a new concept, especially when it comes from me. And sure enough, there it was in the Urban Dictionary: Trumphobia.

Curses ? foiled again!

That dictionary defines Trumphobia as:

?The fear of a Donald J. Trump presidency. This fear stems from the false association between Trump and early European 20th century dictators. It?s also spawned by a vague, and misplaced, sense of European colonial guilt which attacks anything and anyone who stands up for Western European values.?

And there you have it. Though it turns out that I?m not that brilliant, my bruised ego is at least partially assuaged by the fact that there are others out there who see what I see, enough at least to believe that it deserves a proper description in the form of a word.

But lighthearted word associations aside, Trumphobia could get ugly. In fact, it could lead to widespread civil disobedience or worse. I?ll go a step further, and declare that civil disobedience is already fast taking root. And there?s good reason to believe that this is only the beginning.

The ?Not My President? Crowd

The Trump presidency is fundamentally different from other administrations. The opposition party doesn?t just disagree with the political philosophy of this president ? they outright want him gone. Nothing short of his departure will be acceptable.

This has manifested itself at all levels of society. It takes in the Democratic Party, the media and entertainment complex, government officials and employees, and even a few people in positions of power who should know better.

And then there are the many millions of people who voted for Hillary Clinton, who desperately want to believe that Trumps presidency is completely illegitimate.

How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience ? Or Worse
How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience ? Or Worse

Many ? perhaps most ? of the 65,853,625 Americans who voted for Clinton are fond of defiantly declaring ?not my president?. The Left also hated Ronald Reagan, but they were forced to accept that he was a magnetic personality who enjoyed considerable approval among the American masses. As a result, their opposition to Reagan and his policies tended to be carried out in a more civilized way.

Trumphobia – The Political Situation Really is Different This Time

The reaction to Trump is far more venomous. Millions of people consider him to be detestable to such a degree that they?re willing to actively resist his presidency.

Justification is provided by the endless repetition of conspiracy theories: 1) Hillary won the popular vote, and should rightfully be the president, 2) The Russians hacked the election, and 3) the people who voted for Trump are ?deplorables? who don?t know what?s good for themselves or the country. Or, put another way, Trump was elected not by legitimate fellow American citizens, but by idiots.

That last point is vitally important. The Left believes that anyone who voted for Trump is mentally deficient (but then they thought the same of people who voted for Reagan ? are you noticing a pattern?). Maybe even more important, the anti-Trump camp views those who voted for Trump as their lessers.

That?s the height of arrogance. What they should really be concerned with are the factors that caused 49% of their fellow citizens to vote for a non-conventional candidate. That?s the real story of the 2016 election, and the narrative that the Left is desperately trying to erase from the history books (does anyone on the Left remember that Bernie Sanders nearly took out Hillary Clinton for the very same reason???)

If they let themselves perceive that reality, they might come to realize that we?ve got a boatload of problems that are being ignored by the mainstream parties and their lacky?s in the mainstream media. And that?s the bigger issue that they don?t seem to want to acknowledge. The 49% do ?get it”, enough to take a chance on voting for an outsider.

My question to the Left is: What the Hell are YOU thinking??? If seeing real, unsolved problems across the national spectrum means that you?re brain dead, then count me amoung the empty headed. I don?t want to be included among those who are so smug or insulated that that they can afford to ignore what?s really happening out there to real people.

The Media/Entertainment Trump Bashing Frenzy

Perhaps the Democratic masses can be forgiven for their arrogance. After all, they?re being egged on by scores of entertainment and media personalities ? as if they represent some body of critical political experts, rather than self-centered zealots.

People like Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow have virtually reinvented their careers around Trump-hating. The few times that I?ve accidentally tuned into any of their programs, they launched into their anti-Trump tirades almost immediately.

They?re hardly alone. Hollywood and the news media are almost unanimous in their hatred of Trump. They hardly miss a turn to take a swipe at him. Their bombast is relentless. Perhaps they feel that if they repeat their hate speech enough times, either the political system will dispose of Trump, or the citizenry will finally get out their pitchforks and torches.

(UPDATE: CNN host calls Trump a ‘piece of s—‘ over response to London attack – we should now fully assume that the recent London attack is also fully Trump’s fault – Keep it coming media drones, you’re proving my point!)

It?s not hard to see then why an angry comedian like Kathy Griffin would resort to making a video in which she holds up the bloody head of a Donald Trump likeness. That?s what happens when people get too comfortable in their hatred. After all, hatred knows no bounds.

Can you imagine a less liberal comedian holding up the bloody likeness of the heads of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama? The angry Democratic mob would?ve demanded the offending party?s head in the guillotine. But that?s the kind of thing that happens when hatred becomes unbridled. And unfortunately, according to the Left, hatred is only what non-leftists engage in. Since the Left are the authors of political correctness, they hold a monopoly on deciding who the haters are, and what constitutes acts of hate.

The problem with the Hollywood crowd is that they?re so singular in their politics and so certain of their political philosophies, that such extremism becomes their normal. Rest assured that there are very few souls in Hollywood who truly believe that Griffin?s video went over the top.

But that?s just more fuel on the fire. It goes a lot farther?

Opposition by Public Operatives

?Not my president? isn?t limited to the citizenry. Resistance to Trump directives is happening even within the federal government. There?s evidence of resistance by federal employees, who are attempting to undermine the administration by leaking their dissatisfaction to the media.

And why shouldn?t they? We have a sitting US Supreme Court justice in Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has repeatedly cast aspersions on Donald Trump. And just last week we got the news that fired former FBI director James Comey will be testifying this week before the Senate about ?Trump confrontations?.

So what about the respect for the office of the president? What about executive privilege? What about confidentiality about sensitive information between the president and the director of a federal agency?

If that?s not enough, now we have accusations that Trump leaked sensitive information to the Russian Foreign Minister and ambassador.

Is there anything that this administration can do ? or not do ? without the word ?scandal? being attached to it? One member of the Left shouts ?scandal?, and the Vast Leftwing Conspiracy joins in the chorus.

There?s no doubt that Trump is clumsy. After all, he?s not a politician ? and ironically, that?s the very reason he won the election. But that?s also the very reason why the elite Left and their millions of followers want him out. The Democratic Party has become the primary defender of the status quo.

I?ve written earlier that Trump?s enemies began the assault on his presidency the day after the election and it?s only intensified since. It has to make one question whether Trump is really that bad, or if the opposition has had malevolent intentions from the very beginning. My guess is some of the former, but an abundance of the latter.

State and Municipal Resistance to Federal Directives

This is another development that I find to be even more disturbing. We have various states and municipalities, in opposition to Trump, defying Federal directives. Several states are refusing to honor Trump?s travel ban. And just last week, when Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the Washington Post reported:

?Still, many U.S. states and private companies announced Thursday that despite Trump?s decision, they would continue their own existing policies, such as restricting greenhouse gas emissions, as well as pursue new ones to demonstrate urgency in addressing the climate threat.?

So now we have states and municipalities establishing their own independent foreign policies. Is that supposed to lead to a better world? What ever happened to ?one nation under God?? We can?t even be one nation under one president. If we don?t agree with the president, we can simply establish and carry out our own policies.

At what point does the word ?chaos? enter the picture? I think we?re already on a crash course with it.

Where we Go as this Quiet Revolution Gets Louder?

The end result of all of this counterproductive activity is that we?ve created a leadership vacuum. Nearly every one of Trump?s major policy initiatives are dead on arrival, even the reforms on healthcare and income taxes that this country desperately needs.

The mentality now is that if we don?t like the guy in charge, we can simply go our own way, while we marshal the forces to run him off.

Question: where does that behavior end? Will it apply only to Donald Trump? What about Mike Pence, his heir apparent? If the Left is successful in driving off Trump, will they run off Pence as well? And what about whoever comes next?

I spent this past Memorial Day in Salem, Massachusetts, with my family. The overriding theme is that witchhunts don?t end well. I suspect the Trump witchhunt won?t either. In the short run, things may work out for the Left. Trump may be run off, but dangerous precedents are being set.

What starts out as angry words and civil disobedience could feed on itself, ultimately leading to violence. For example, what happens if the rank-and-file of the Left aren?t satisfied that the Dump Trump removal is moving fast enough? Will they be satisfied to let Trump run out his term? What happens if he gets re-elected in 2020? Or closer to home, what happens if the Republicans retain or even extend their control of Congress in 2018, upholding the election results of 2016?

Will the Left sit quietly for any of it? The problem is that resistance and civil disobedience feed on themselves. Eventually they could lead to violence. A Trump hater takes a swing, and a Trump supporter hits back. Before you know it there?s a full-blown clash. And then there are more clashes? You get the picture.

The American Disdain for History

All you have to do is read the history books to know how this could play out. The problem that we have in America is this loose concept of American Exceptionalism. That term actually has several meanings, but it?s commonly interpreted to mean that America is exempt from the rules of history. Put another way, it?s widely believed by Americans that it ? whatever ?it? is ? can?t happen here.

I believe that that assumption is about to be severely tested.

The Left is opening up a Pandora?s box. The good news is that it will one day come back and bite them right on their arrogant butts. The bad news is that the entire country will suffer as a result of what could very well be a succession of failed presidencies. Historically, political instability manifests itself in economic turmoil.

Is that creating a better world ? or are we stepping on a hornet?s nest? As a history professor that I had in college said so accurately, People get what they deserve, which isn?t necessarily what they want. The manufactured hostility and resistance to Donald Trump is setting up that exact outcome.

I hope those of you who have eyes to see are preparing and assuming crash positions, because there?s more than ample reason to believe that that?s what?s coming next.

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23 Responses to How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience ? Or Worse

  1. Well said, Kevin. I fear for our country if these protestors ever come into power. I don’t think they would have accepted the election results even if Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote, because they are throwing a temper tantrum for not getting what THEY want. I think that they support muslim immigration because both groups sincerely wish to see the U.S. brought down to a third world country. And like the animals in Animal Farm, they think that they will be “more equal” than the rest. I could go on and on with a rant about the ideology of the protestors but then remember than some don’t even have an ideology but are actually paid protestors, many of whom didn’t not even vote in the election. I do think that there are some people who might tend to be more liberal but when they see the lengths these protestors go to, to break down our society, they might have second thoughts about voting liberal and perhaps, out of disgust, will cease to support that group. Time will tell.

  2. I agree Kathy, the Left would have protested against Trump even if he won in a landslide. As the economic pie is shrinking, people are becoming more hysterical about preserving what they see as their fair share. Those on the Left see Trump as a threat to that share, whether that’s true or not. The Left doesn’t understand that that’s precisely where many Trump supporters are coming from. Many have already lost the share they once had, and see no redemption in mainstream candidates.

    I don’t love Trump, even though I know it comes across that way. But my real hope is that Trump’s presidency will lead to the creation of a viable third party that will force both the Democrats and the Republicans to become more aware of the real needs of the people, and less assuming of automatic support from the various factions. Our country’s future hangs on true progressive change, and an end to this media circus that politics has devolved into.

  3. I cannot agree with the black and white nature of your comments. Rather than putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, I hear you making hard character judgments about many good and intelligent people. Not robots. We are all Americans with different ideals, but not stupid. I personally think of the other party as stupid or brain dead, even as much as I do not understand all of what they stand for. It’s just that our ideals are different and that’s what the party system is for. Trump is scary to me, as Hilary or Obama would be to you, I’m sensing. He doesn’t line up with my beliefs at all. His mannerisms, unpresidential behavior, and crass nature is unbelievable to me. But to you, it makes sense. And, I guess that’s okay. It is what it is.

    I’ve voted Republican when I felt the candidate was more qualified, so I can’t agree that we are like sheep being told how to form our opinions. We’re all individuals, like you, just doing our best to make sure the leadership of our country is solid.

    Just because I don’t want Trump as President, doesn’t necessarily mean that I think someone in my party qualifies 100% or that I don’t see their flaws, but in many ways, they have more experience in world diplomacy and level headed decision making in a turbulent world. It worries me that you can’t see even a few of his flaws. We all have flaws. No one is perfect. But as a leader, the flaws he exhibits are a think a threat to our nation.

    Yes, ?A house divided against itself cannot stand.” And we are divided until we allow people to have their own beliefs and use understanding to balance the process. I think protesting is a form of communicating, sharing concerns, and moving through difficult times. They are, for the most part, a peaceful process that is part of our rights. I choose to write, rather than march, but I do admire those on either side who do take time to exercise that right.

  4. Hi Melissa – It may surprise you to know that I voted for Obama in 2008, and refused to vote for GW Bush in 2004 (or Kerry for that matter). So I think you may be doing a bit of your own generalizing about me.

    I have my reservations about Trump as well, but I find myself taking up for him since the Left has become so obsessed with his departure. There’s no objectivity coming out of the Left about Trump and even you must admit that. While those of you on the Left may think that resistance is your civic responsibility, I see something more sinister. The Left can’t tolerate Trump, and started tearing him down the day after the election. I see no objectivity or reasonableness in any of that. But what I do see is divisions getting deeper, and that’s going to lead to a lot of bad outcomes that no one thinks can happen in this country.

    I think this notion that one leader is “more qualified” is non-starter. I’m more interested in what a candidate has to say about the country, where it’s going and what he intends to do. I’m not the least bit concerned that a candidate is well qualified to be the head bureaucrat. We’ve had too much of that for too long and we need different thinking. The Left claims the mantle of progressiveness, but they’ve really become a rearguard for the status quo. The Republicans have too, which is why I wouldn’t have voted at all if Trump were not on the ticket.

    For that reason, I’ll continue to express similar opinions going forward. The problems we face as a nation are too great for the business as usual that prevails in Washington. I don’t see Trump as a savior, but he said better things than Clinton did. I’ll take my chances on that kind of candidate over the establishment variety any day. That’s my right, and it doesn’t mean I’m brain dead, even if those on the Left think so.

  5. Important Correction: I personally think of the other party as stupid or brain dead, even as much as I do not understand all of what they stand for.

    Should ready, “I personally do not think of the other party as stupid or brain dead…


  6. I’m sure glad you corrected that Melissa. If you hadn’t, you would have proven my point. And for what it’s worth, your uncorrected comment is exactly what many on the Left think about Trump supporters. They’re not quiet about it either. Personally, I think Hillary blew it the day she referred to Trump supporters as “deplorables”. The media won’t touch that, but they need to. With one word she dismissed 49% of the voters. I’d say that was clumsy, but I’m sure she was speaking from her heart.

  7. Excellent article to the mental state of the nation. The status quo of those in power has been undermined and they are fighting back viciously. Look at Hillary herself as example– nothing she did was wrong but everyone else caused her loss.
    I am one of those voters who was not pleased with the Obama years in office because it made people like me who worked for a living making that just a little more than than the income to qualify for benefit help lose faith in the political system.
    It was frustrating to see able bodied individuals on benefits who would demand their required to keep benefits 80 hours monthly of work at their pleasure ( no weekend work hours only the slow days were they available). Because the companies were getting kickbacks to hire these individuals, they were preferred hires, despite their lying about availablity which always changed right after the probation period.
    These protesters are paid to be disruptive and given the okay to escalate situations. ( sort of like terrorists). History has many stories of this ( development of the railroads, gold and coal mining, owners of factories against workers, ) . Political thugs who give favors to keep money to themselves, then and now, cover the violence by spreading favors. These people don’t help me and want me to give them help.
    Like you, I earn my keep and because of that I don’t want to share my hard earned money with people who feel it is their right to not work for their money.
    A welfare benefit is supposed to be a temporary payment to get one on their feet to substain themselves. Yes, spending your own money means budgeting and buying without impulse desire. Free money means buying without thought.
    I personally know a few people ( not close friends) who get highly upset if their benefits get adjusted less because they have to spend their own money. This “so-called ” threat to status quo does lend itself well to violence. Combine that with the those who control the money and you have a potent situation.
    We have those in power who want to annex states from the Union of the United States without regard to consequences to the people. Well it is time for We The People to make our views known not just a select few.

  8. Hi Maria – I’m glad you see the potential for this to lead down darker paths. That’s the real reason for this article. Everyone says we need change, but since there’s really no consensus, nobody wants it when it gets here. It’s like we’ve morphed into a country better know for what we oppose than what we support. Confusion and chaos don’t lead to happy endings.

    Those who believe that our problems will mostly go away when Trump is gone don’t grasp what’s really going on. We were already on the verge of crisis when Trump came in (or Obama for that matter), but since the government papers over the problems (literally with printed money) and the media spins happy news, we’re completely disjointed. I know I’m not alone in thinking this, but I think all the government handouts to the 51% of the people receiving them are like “hush money”. They’re paying off the disenfranchised (and disenfranchised pretenders) to not revolt. It’s the old “bread and circuses” trick from the Roman Empire. I’m I crazy in believing that 51% of the population receiving government benefits is de facto evidence that we’re in serious do-do or what?

  9. Yes, well, of course, my intention is to say that we need to ease off on the intensity and hate coming from both sides and just communicate. And we need to allow that free communication, without judgment.

    I really don’t get the I’m right your wrong approach or trying to prove a point. Everyone’s thoughts count. All the posturing sounds sharp and unproductive to me. Coming from the “right” or the “left,” it’s a lose-lose conversation.

  10. On that point Melissa, you and I share common ground. My position in taking up for Trump is that the opposition coming from the Left is relentless and lacks introspection. As I wrote in my response to Kathy, I don’t love Trump, but my hope is that he represents the first wave of non-traditional candidates that lay the foundation for a credible third party, one that will actually listen to the people and govern in a truly progressive way.

    The Democrats and Republicans are both out of gas. That’s why Trump is president, and why Bernie Sanders was nearly the standard bearer for the Democrats. It’s no more complicated than that. But the establishment is digging in and resisting change. The Republicans aren’t rallying lynch mobs, but the support from the party in Congress has been weak, as if they’re prepared turn on him if they think they’ll lose their seats next year.

    We all talk a good game about change, but when it finally arrives, we dig in and resist. How does that ever bring about the desired change? Or has our entire country succumbed to mass insanity?

  11. What changes are most important to you? I was pretty content. But I know jobs and the economy are two things his voters leaned on.

    Maybe it’s in his approach that creates resistance. Seems self-serving to me. Twitter. Random, odd statements.

    He’s undoing so much of what I stood for. And it seems malicious in nature. His handling of foreign relationships is embarrassing to me. We can’t stand alone or we could lose our closest allies and possibly when we need them most. I would think that the “fear” he is creating will affect voting change into Congress.

  12. I would say that both healthcare and income taxes are at the top of the heap. Both are not only prohibitively expensive, but also ridiculously complicated. For anyone who wants to provide their own health insurance, you know that Obamacare is a complete disaster. In 2016, Trump said that Obamacare would blow up on its own in one or two years. Anyone who has studied it knows that’s true. I think that resonated with voters. For Democrats to ignore this is a travesty, and a slap in the face at middle income people.

    The loss of full time jobs with benefits is also a bone of contention. Most of the jobs created during the Obama administration were either part-time or contract. It’s very difficult to build a life around either type of job. Only people who are well employed think this is not a problem.

    What makes it worse is that all of these problems exist during a supposed economic recovery. What will happen in the next recession? I think it’s pretty obvious that none of the problems in the last two recessions have really been fixed.

    And while that’s happening, the politicians are in Washington with their heads in the sand. Republicans are obsessed with foreign wars and the security state, while Democrats are obsessed with political correctness and who gets to use what bathroom.

    I realize that those issues matter to some people, but when you’re struggling to survive it comes across as elitist nonsense. We need structural economic change, and Trump offered that.

    I fully agree that Trump is crude, and makes comments that alienate people and foreign governments. But I’m much more concerned with the direction of the country, and any positive change that Trump might make. Other candidates seemed to be promising only more the same. A lot of us were not comfortable voting for that. I think that best explains the Trump phenomenon. I wish more people would get that and stop fixating on running Trump off.

  13. Okay… so from my perspective.

    My ex, formerly Republican, is on the health care plan purely out of necessity. I was surprised to hear him say it’s the best coverage he’s ever had and he was under my very good plan for many years. He’s very scared about any changes from Trump. And he truly needs this coverage. So I wonder if that is really true or just negative outlook and opinions. I’ve heard others (middle class) say it has been an incredibly good plan. Affordable and extremely helpful. But, still, I’ve heard Obama say, it needed improvements. So let’s make improvements – not put people who are in need of the coverage on thinner wire.

    Foreign relations are very important, as well as our economic changes. Part-time jobs mean increased revenue potential for businesses, which in turn can lead to part-time becoming full-time and then more job openings. Just saying. It’s a start. Any work, when you don’t have a job can be a move in the right direction. Slow and steady growth. Too fast and your business won’t sustain itself.

    I work in non-profit, so if I can raise enough money, I can grow my staff, which then grows the organization and so on… same in the for-profit world.

    Presidential work is all inclusive, so to mangle foreign relations is not managing the office’s responsibilities well and is too narrow minded. Keeping open communication with our allies (and our citizens) is part of the job. I wouldn’t dismiss the major importance of this.

    Thank you for a non-insulting conversation. There are many out there that aren’t as kind. I wouldn’t know what to say back to rude comments and therefore wouldn’t reply. And I appreciate hearing your point of view.

  14. Well, thanks. We’re trying to foster a non-confrontational forum here, which is no easy job with a topic like politics. But at least it’s less contentious than faith, which is another topic I like to write about. The best hope is always to get people thinking in different directions. I believe it used to be called “dialogue” back in the day. It needs to come back.

  15. I guess after Mellissa’s comments, people are bit leery to comment, I just came back to this site after your reminder via an email as I had posted via twitter to the article.
    Yes the danger is real – even authors are writing about it (Look at Steve Berry’s latest). It is great that we have freedom of speech and all that but what is actually happening NOW is not what our ForeFathers were aiming at. When did everyone get so sensitive about words? And again I am not talking about slurs that are clearly derogatory. I feel 51% of the population in the US feels it is their right to free everything without any effort.

    Our country was based on the right of everyday people to achieve a better life. I am not talking about a communist state of everyone sharing but if you put an effort into things like working, you get to spend your money as you want. No one depends on another for aid except in emergency.

    The 1% who have the bulk of the wealth in the United States don’t have to share their wealth but they don’t need to be greedy either. Keeping their money out of circulation by not re-investing in the company doesn’t achieve profit. Take the example of Walmart, whose heirs look for any reason to fire employees or keep wages and hours below a living wage. They deliberately closed several stores because of this. Meanwhile their stores lack proper staffing. I could go on for years about how they abuse employees and still achieve high profits.

    But back to words, Tim Allen on his show Last Man Standing had an episode on this and his frustration to bring the message of being self sufficient to a speech he was supposed to give. As I put it, everybody needs to put on their big boy/girl panties and grow up. If they don’t, those corrupt people in charge handing out benefits to win votes will make our country a third world nation.

    It is time to take care of ourselves and not ask or blame someone if you don’t succeed.

  16. Hi Maria – I think the problem you’re describing is that the people who are moving us toward third world status don’t see a problem with that. Think about it – no where is power more unevenly distributed than in the third world. If you’re at the top of the pyramid of power, moving us toward third world status isn’t a bad thing. You’re just feathering your own nest. And political correctness is an end run around free speech so that while we have freedom of speech on paper, we increasingly don’t have the right to exercise it. The book Animal Farm described the same situation, a constitution that kept being revised until it was meaningless, and contained just one provision – all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. When people get dumbed down enough, that kind of drivel starts to make sense.

    Meanwhile, we’re kept divided and opposed to one another so we lose the will or desire to develop a coherent understanding of what’s really happening, or what might be workable solutions. If you were looking to undermine a great nation, it’s a superb strategy because it’s working beyond measure. People are angry, but few are sure what they’re angry about, or what might fix it. It’s the perfect divide-and-conquer strategy.

  17. I don’t agree with your view of the left or of Trump. I respect your opinion and view of the reality we are living in but do not agree with it.The Left hates Trump because he allowed the spread of racism and white supremacy and has allowed his cabinet member Jeff Session to roll back civil rights in the department of justice and shut down the section of the justice department that investigates hate groups like the ku klux klan, which is reprehensible since this is the most active they have been since they 70’s.The left hates him because he is a con-artist that told good but desperate and vulnerable americans that he would help them and drain the swamp and has gone back completely onhis promises as one can see from just looking at the 2018 budget he is trying to push, the healthcare bill he is trying to get through,and the regressive tax reform he is trying to implement that would have poor people pay more taxes than the rich and blow a hole through our budget. All of his actions so far in office have been one big middle finger to the poor,poor women and minorities. This is just a small sample of his callousness and con-artistry. Those who support him want to desperately believe that the man that promised them so much is real and genuine and not the con artist and liar that he has revealed himself to be. He pretended to be FDR during the campaign and then once in office revealed himself to be a Nixon/Reagan hybrid, he is no outsider, he’s just as much a part of the swamp as the rest of those in DC. The Left see him for who he truly is, they are not closing their eyes and covering their ears in denial like his supporter, they see what is going on and are justifiable angry and upset and I know as time marches on in Trumps presidency his supporter will find in increasingly difficult to ignore these facts as it starts to affect their day to day lives in the coming months and years. I know that his supporters have a lot of anger towards the left, they consider them elitists and out of touch with their struggles and wish to punish them in some way. maybe they think the cuts will only apply to the “left” or libertards as some call us. But unfortunately that is not the case, these policies, the budget cuts, the regressive taxes, the gutting of reform and regulations, the privatization of public goods and services- they are going to hit us all-hard. The hysteria is real , we are not freaking out or angry for no reason, we have legitimate concerns and grievances. We don’t want to see Trumps policies implemented because they will hurt all vulnerable and struggling people, no matter what political allegiance you vow yourself to. Conservative, Independent, Liberal we are all going to be hit by this.

  18. Hi Jessica – I respectfully disagree on all counts. The Left hated Trump before he ever go into office. They never gave him a chance. Not 24 hours after the election they were already plotting how to get rid of him – a.k.a., how to undo the 2016 election. That’s what’s really happening here, apart from the obvious window dressing fronted by the mainstream media and the entertainment community.

    Your political worldview makes it impossible for you to see this and acknowledge it. You may be thinking that Trump is a disaster, but I think this concentrated effort to sabotage his presidency is an even bigger threat to the nation. If he’s that bad, the voters will rebel against him in 2018, vote in a Democratic congress, and neutralize him until the 2020 election. But none of you are content to wait for the process to play out as it was designed. Watergate got the job done in 1974, you couldn’t repeat it with Reagan, and now you’re counting on Watergate II to oust Trump. There’s no mystery here, no higher noble purpose, just the same-old, same-old only the Left knows what’s good for us.

  19. Looks like we opened a can of worms rather than having a discussion to find even ground. I just saw a saying –A country before it is destroyed from without will only fall if destroyed from within—- Have we come to that point in this nation that we can’t discuss without listening. Has the ultra-right gone so far off the deep end that they can’t listen to others if even one word is intolerant to them. I am will to listen if I don’t have to take everything said to me as gospel but I don’t feel superior to others. Have we raised a generation of spoiled bullies by not allowing them to face the real world. No one really appreciates the stuff they get for free, they just assume it is their due. But at some point in life, one has to assume the mantel of being an adult.
    I laugh when I hear about adulating classes which are merely showing those in attendance, skills they should learned growing up ( like having a conversation with others without the urge to pick up a phone) Kids are labeled hyperactive because they are not allowed to release energy in outdoor activity but are forced to play in a group setting where everyone gets a trophy just by being there and no competition is needed, so nobody feelings get hurt.
    I have never been a vocal person, usually tried to avoid confrontation with others, mainly to not get physically hurt but if trouble comes my way, I stand up for myself. For example, healthcare, I try to read every word of plan services and question when they try to deny any services. It is bad enough that premiums are so high but to deny needed knowledge of what care is totally wrong. Required services to be covered should be geared by age group needs. A woman’s health needs should not be mandated by a man’s health needs. Costs should be by individual needs not mandated by a zip code and the amount of profit the insurance companies profit. when one is responsible for the cost of healthcare, they are going to question what kind of service they receive. Well care should a requirement not overmedication reliance.
    More people should get involved with truly knowing their local representatives, because if they did, they would really see how little they care for the little people.
    All these people who hate Trump because he symbolizes the fact that their favorite candidate didn’t win to continue the problems of the previous presidency, fail to realize that there are people who didn’t enjoy what happen to the nation during that administration. People who saw their costs go up while more people got handouts ,hence the 51% on welfare of some kind, make it extremely difficult for those who truly deserve help got nothing. We gave money away to other countries but forgot the poor here as if they are invisible.
    The country created the backlog of people who have come into the country and haven’t completed the process to citizenship by allowing corrupt individuals to create a slave labour scheme. No one needs to stay with only a green card after 5 years here working, they should have a clear path to citizenship.

  20. Hi Maria – Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to have an exchange of ideas on politics. If you don’t agree with Party A or Party B there’s no common ground. We can’t even intelligently discuss what the problems are, so there’s no chance we’ll ever solve them.

  21. Kevin writes: “The Left hated Trump before he ever go into office. They never gave him a chance”

    To which I reply….”giving someone a chance” is what you do for an inexperienced person in an entry level job, with the knowledge that the risk is low if the person doesn’t work out. That’s not what anyone should want for POTUS. For that, I’d like to see some experience in local/state/federal government and a level of understanding of the constitution to pass the same test given to immigrant residents that want to become citizens.

  22. Sorry Corby, “experience” has gotten us nowhere. Example: my family of four’s health insurance cost over $21,000 last year, and it’s just a basic plan, with a $4,000 per person deductible. Why hasn’t the experience of Trump’s predecessors fixed healthcare??? Quite the opposite, those who claim to be experienced/qualified sit back and enjoy their government paid/subsidized health insurance, oblivious to what us regular folks are experiencing. From where I sit experience = status quo. If I were to support that I wouldn’t pass the sanity test.

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