Income Sources You?ll Be Richer For Not Having Tried – Part 1

When money gets tight Get-Rich-Quick infomercials start to make sense

By Kevin M

Ever Watch Late Night Television?

When money gets tight and the bank balance drops and you start experiencing sleepless nights, there?s a temptation to throw caution to the wind and try things you wouldn?t ordinarily do. In one of your sleepless nights, you may be drawn to the late night infomercials parading what we can politely call ?income opportunities?.

You probably know them all: strike it rich in day trading, rags to riches in real estate, endless internet profits, become a millionaire in auctions, and on and on. I?m sure somebody, somewhere is making it big in these ventures, mostly the people who make the infomercials no doubt, but there?s more risk in these programs than the $199 membership package (?reduced from $399 only if you call right now!?) you ordered on the shows 800 number.

But beyond standard infomercial fare, there are also common sales fields and investment schemes that can look to be just what we need in a dark moment–and we’ll talk about those in subsequent posts. If you’ve had experiences with any of these, now is the time to share them!

The unspoken limitations of all infomercial money making plans

Almost all infomercial plans are entrepreneurial, meaning if there?s a cash flow out there, you?ll need to go out and bring it in. It takes certain talent, energy and charisma to do it, and that?s the part the programs go soft on. Not everyone has these abilities.

Also, the membership fee is usually just the start. As with any business, there will be certain expenses, at least start up costs, to launch your venture.

Then the programs themselves are of questionable content. In theory, it may be possible to succeed in the given business, but if you have no experience and little understanding of the field, how is it that you?d be instantly successful, especially if you don?t need to invest any money?

In the real world, in order to get business you either have to buy it (i.e., buying an existing business or book of business) or build it up by banging on doors and outperforming or underselling the competition. Infomercial programs don?t tell you that you need to do either; they tell you instead that you?ll get the business because the it?s coming in from all over the place?and that?s the hook, something for nothing.

The program sponsors are selling the program, not your success

The real money in get-rich-quick infomercials is producing the infomercials! If we could follow the saying of “do what I do and not what I say”, I think we’d be getting it. We would copy what the promoters are doing, produce our own infomercials, and then we may be on to making some money!

There?s a temptation to tell yourself to try it and at worst you?re out the membership fee, but try it and it?ll cost you more than that. As mentioned, there WILL be additional expenses connected with the venture, and there will also be an investment of time and effort, both of which could have been expended in the pursuit of a more modest but far more certain income.

Have you ever tried your hand at infomercial money making programs in an effort to overcome a career or financial crisis? How did it work for you?

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One Response to Income Sources You?ll Be Richer For Not Having Tried – Part 1

  1. What scares me these days is that there’s a larger abundance of this foolish get rich quick schemes coming in ever since the economic recession of 2008 came into place.

    I especially hear you on the infomercials part. Case and point; Vince Offer and the late Billy Mays. Last I checked, they sometimes get a cut on all the sales for being the representative of those products. That’s why Billy Mays had such an enormous net worth when he died, as well as Vince Schomi, disregarding his beforehand gigs!

    People seem to forget that REAL work from home jobs require hard work; a long and planned through start up, a great skill, or a combination thereof.

    It’s only natural people would fall victim to such trash; they’re enter a state of desperation when cash is tight.

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