Mobile Data is Not a Luxury Anymore

Contrary to popular belief, mobile data is not a luxury. People have the right to connectivity at all times as the world gradually shifts online, leaving those without data well, out in the cold! Job applications are mostly done online now. LinkedIn does not have a hard copy magazine. Eat Out, Ebay and Amazon cannot be found anywhere else other than online.

That’s why mobile data is an important part of modern life. Try cutting off your personal and business data connectivity for just a week and see how it impacts on your life and business performance. Choosing a mobile provider is a serious consideration with so many contracts and plans available, and so many different combination of add-ons offered. Keeping it simple can pay off in the long run. One of the first decisions should be whether you need to upgrade your handset or not.

Mobile Data is Not a Luxury Anymore
Mobile Data is Not a Luxury Anymore

SIM-Only or Contract?

Most mobile phones can last for many years unless you have literally smashed it about all year. In which case you will probably have to go for a contract option with a handset upgrade. Just remember, the phone is not free! You actually do pay for the phone over the contractual period. It often ends up being more expensive than if you purchased it outright. However, the pay-off is that you can spread the payments over a long period of time to soften the blow associated with buying a phone for ?600 cash!

Most mobile phone providers offer SIM-only plans. They come with attractive benefits not normally found on SIM-only contracts. One such provider is giffgaff, a provider who won’t even tie you to a contract with plans lasting 30 days at a time. Enjoy free access to wifi hotspots UK wide and carry your plan throughout the EU. That’s unlimited minutes, text and 9GB of data for just ?20! There’s no need to be confused anymore!

Shop Around and Find Real Savings

Shopping around can save you a pretty packet but you may find it hard to match the Always On data offered by, once again, giffgaff. The Always On plan works by providing full speed internet for the 9GB allowance you pay for, and then a throttled service after you have used up all of your data.

Having said that, the throttled speeds at 384kbps only apply between the hours of 8am and midnight. After that you’re full speed throughout the night. Great for nights out and social media heaven. If you start by using giffgaff as a comparison because they offer SIM-only plans from ?5 to ?20 a month based on how much data and minutes you use. Of course, they also offer monthly plans for those who prefer that and there other mobile providers to choose from as well.

Do You Actually Need Unlimited Internet?

One question to ask yourself is: do you actually need unlimited internet, or just a suitable data plan? If you have home broadband and you don’t spend your whole life out of the house you may find that a few GB is actually enough.

Take a few moments to find out how much data you’ve been using historically. It doesn’t make much financial sense to pay for an unlimited plan just in case you need it. If your real usage is less than 5GB a month and has been for years there’s no need for unlimited. However, if you are constantly recording and sharing football matches and most life events, unlimited may be necessary.

How to Search for the Best Savings on Mobile Internet

Looking for the best deal for you could involve a day trip around a number of mobile phone shops or visits to various websites. To avoid confusion, you could save time and money by making use of a reputable mobile broadband comparison website. The great thing about using comparison and review sites is that there is no bias towards one provider or another.

They often compare plans side by side so you can make a decision based on what is important to you and your pocket. Savings abound as many mobile network comparison sites allow you to enter your mobile usage needs first. Only then do they suggest an appropriate plan based on how much data, minutes and texts you need monthly.

Have you been struggling to find an affordable mobile data plan?

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  1. Great Post! Glad to see you guys doing this in the UK. I was actually on a recent trip to Europe that I myself got into the idea of sim-only phones as you call it.

    For your American readers, I recently posted an article about going pre-paid cheaply on the other side of the pond.

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