New Year, New You: 11 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut in 2021

There is no denying that the year 2020 will go down as one of the hardest years in the books for many Americans. Entering the year, there was lots of optimism with the stock market booming and unemployment numbers reaching record lows. All of a sudden, everything came literally crashing down as the COVID19 pandemic fastened its grip on the world. But now that 2020 is drawing to a close it’s time to work on ways to get out of your rut in 2021.

New Year, New You: 11 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut in 2021
New Year, New You: 11 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut in 2021

The struggles since the beginning of the pandemic are well documented. Societal lock downs led to economic devastation for employers, employees, and small business owners. Political unrest has been intensifying, with protestors from both sides of the political arena filling the streets of major cities to fight for their rights and beliefs.

For you, any devastation you have felt surely feels very personal. You have had to navigate difficult circumstances, probably without having access to family, friends, and co-workers. It’s also likely that you have encountered financial difficulties and maybe even health issues related to the virus itself. How have you been holding up?

To help you build yourself a better tomorrow, here are 11 things you can start doing today to get out of your rut.

Kick Dangerous Addictions to the Curb

For a lot of people, the stress of 2020 has led to problems with drugs or alcohol. If you have chosen this dangerous path, it doesn’t have to get any worse than it is today. You always have the option to ask for help, and rehab centers like Clean Recovery are there to help you chart a course back to sober living.

Going forward into the new year, things will slowly get better, and there is a lot about which to be optimistic. You just need to remember that drugs and alcohol are not the answer to your problems, no matter how hard things get.

Find New Hobbies Currently, there is no assurance that the COVID19 virus the country is fighting won’t lead to more temporary lock downs. Now is the time to find creative and interesting ways to fill your time at home in place of lamenting about the things you cannot control. You might want to find new hobbies like collecting memorabilia, arts and crafts, or writing a book.

Focus on Nutrition to Get Out of Your Rut

If you want to feel better, sometimes you only need to make a couple of lifestyle changes. One thing that is easy to change is your diet. You can create excitement around the way you eat by trying new nutritional foods.

Realign Your Goals

Everyone has a right to pursue their goals. However, circumstances often make changes in someone’s goals necessary. If you are feeling stuck, you might want to consider lowering your expectations, making success more attainable.

Be Impulsive

If you live inside your safe little box, you face the possibility of feeling trapped. It might be time to do something impulsive and unexpected. You might try something as small as changing your hairstyle or as big as buying a new car.

Make Home Improvements

It’s a common misconception that making home improvements will cost a lot of money. If changing your living environment will help you climb out of your rut, you might want to consider home improvement projects that will occupy your time and help you feel better.

Implement a New Exercise Program

If you want to feel better, you have to get clean blood flowing through your body. By focusing on a new exercise regimen, you can occupy some of your time while building a body of which you can be proud. It will improve your health as well.

Volunteer for Some Charity Work

Sometimes, taking a break from your own worries can alleviate the kind of stress that leads to substance abuse. A good way of taking the focus off yourself is by placing it on others who need help.

Finish Unfinished Tasks

Maybe what you need right now is a sense of accomplishment. You can get that by identifying things you have been putting off and getting them done.

Talk It Out

When people get sad, they tend to close down. That is the opposite of what they should do. If you are troubled, talk to someone you trust about it.

Keep It Simple to Get Out of Your Rut

If stress is building up, it might be time to simplify your life. You would be amazed at how relaxing it is to wake up without having to deal with life’s complications.

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  1. One missing piece of advice, stop listening and following all the news media sources, and making yourself anxious. Anxiety by definition, is that it is a “feeling”, nervousness, unease, which one gets when you don’t find positive things to bring up your spirit. You don’t need someone else to prop up your self worth–you are that positive source. Think positive and the rest will come. I follow an adivit –Never,Never Never Give Up.
    I can’t promise 2021 will better than 2020 but it is the start of a new decade so let’s see if we are living in our own version of the” Roaring Twenties” and will not repeat what happened during the 1920s .

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