The Subtle Ways Technology is Eliminating Jobs
Back in January, on a trip from New Hampshire to New Jersey, I saw graphic evidence of how technology is eliminating jobs. The toll booths that were once a fixture on the Massachusetts Turnpike and the New York State Thruway are all gone. They’ve been replaced by scanners that read your license pl Continue Reading
What Are You Doing With the “Hyphen” That Will be on Your Tombstone?
Last month our pastor revealed that the father of one of his best friends from high school had died at age 71. His friend, also a minister, did the eulogy at the funeral, and gave our pastor permission to read a portion of it to our congregation. His friend is a brilliant writer, and surprisingly em Continue Reading
Tax Day Protest – More Proof America Is Delusional
I’ve always promised myself that I wouldn’t write about politics on this site, or any other. Politics is a lot like chasing your tail – no matter which direction you go, or which politician or party you support, the end result is unlikely to change much. It’s the story of a largely comatose Continue Reading
A White House Under Siege Won’t Be Good for Your Wallet
Putting the White House under siege has become standard mainstream media operating procedure these days. Donald Trump has elicited such an emotional response that where you stand on him is driven entirely by your political worldview. In this article I’m going to advocate for moderation, if out of Continue Reading
Create a Great Office Space in Your Home to Use for a Side Business
If you have been trained to provide a specific service that people need, consider using that skill to make extra money on the side. There are many people who are able to do transcription, data entry, or even accounting for additional income. When you start working for yourself part-time, you need to Continue Reading
How to Use Gig Work to Stay Home With Your Kids
Last week reader and frequent commentator, Bev, and I were having an exchange on How Women are Making the Most of the Gig Economy in which we took a rabbit trail into how the internet is opening up opportunities for people to use gig work to stay home with your kids. It was an interesting side trail Continue Reading
How Women are Making the Most of the Gig Economy
Women in the gig economy is redefining what it means to have a job in 21st century America. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly 3 million Americans formed what are called ‘non-employer’ businesses between 2003 and 2013. While more current statistics are not yet available, i Continue Reading
Bad College Majors Magnify Student Loan Debt Problems
Have you noticed a connection between bad college majors and student loan debt troubles? Heavy student loan burdens have become a common problem. But they seem to be more concentrated among people who choose bad college majors. I've known a lot of young people with degrees in majors like history, ps Continue Reading
How to Find Gig Work in the Gig Economy
We're hearing more and more these days about gig work and the gig economy. It's increasingly becoming the workstyle of the 21st Century economy. It’s an excellent way to create an extra income, a needed cash flow in retirement, or even to create a whole new career. But how can you go about finding Continue Reading
The Gig Economy – Why It Might Be the Key to Your Future
Millions of people have gravitated toward the gig economy in the past few years. It's likely that most got there accidentally. Even if you aren't in the gig economy now, be open to the possibility. It just might be the key to your future. I know it has been for me, and it's turned out a lot better t Continue Reading