10 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance in Younger Days
Health insurance is pivotal to everyone and one should opt to buy health insurance when one is younger. The rising costs associated with medical bills are not going to stop in the near future. Hence insuring oneself and their family is the way to go. Also, there are multiple advantages to securing h Continue Reading
7 Strategies to Improve the Success of a New Business
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Starting a Side Business – Why Now is the Time
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Everyone Talks About Retirement But Few Will Ever Retire
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It’s All Good News with Obamacare – Or Is It???
There’s nothing to fear folks because our healthcare crisis has been solved. It’s all good news with Obamacare. That’s the word from the US Census Bureau. According to their data, the number of uninsured in America has been falling steadily for at least the past three years. Is that what’ Continue Reading
Las Vegas Shooting – Thoughts on Why These Tragedies Are Becoming More Common
The Las Vegas shooting – just the latest episode of Murder and Mayhem, American Style – has left 59 dead, and some 500 wounded. The details are still being unwound, and it’s unlikely we’ll get any conclusive answers given that the shooter killed himself. Like everyone else, I have no idea wh Continue Reading
Making Work-At-Home Work For You
There probably isn’t a soul in the workforce who hasn’t dreamed of the possibility of a comfy work-at-home arrangement. Today I want to play devil’s advocate on this topic. There are so many incredible benefits to work-at-home, but it’s important to understand the limitations as well. Not to Continue Reading
Staying Motivated When You’re Stuck in Neutral
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Jobs Advertised But NO Jobs – What’s Up With That???
Have you ever applied for a job that you were perfectly qualified for, but got no response? That’s become the new normal – jobs advertised but no jobs. Not only is this a practical problem – that you need an income from the job – but it also hits on a personal level. If you send out enough r Continue Reading
4 Ways to Use Your Credit Cards to Increase your Credit Score
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