What TV REALLY Costs Us
We're not going to talk today about the best deals on widescreen TVs or the most cost effective cable packages. No, I want to focus on what I’m certain are the far larger effects of TV on our finances. Those effects include time, opportunity cost, and free thought. Those are what TV really costs u Continue Reading
How to Save Money and Build a Nest Egg for the Self-Employed
Saving for retirement can be hard if you’re self-employed. It takes a lot of planning and discipline to do it right, and sometimes creativity to come up with the extra funds. That doesn’t have to stop you from creating a nest egg to take you into your golden years. Consider moving outside th Continue Reading
The REAL Job Market Problem is Underemployment – Not Unemployment
The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the government in general, economists and industry leaders have been proudly proclaiming the “low” 4.something percent unemployment rate. To hear the official dogma, unemployment is a non-problem. And they may be right. Because the real job market problem is under Continue Reading
Focusing on Your Areas of Brilliance
Do you want to know (at least) one of the best kept “secrets” of success? It’s focusing on your areas of brilliance. That means concentrating your time and efforts mainly on those skills and abilities that are your strongest, and that are most likely to put money in your pocket. Lest you th Continue Reading
Is it Time for Young People to Give up on College?
Despite the low current unemployment rate, most people know that there’s something wrong in the job market. Jobs are not as abundant as they should be at this point in an economic recovery, and the salaries don’t seem to be there. For young people, college is typically seen as the answer to the Continue Reading
DIY Repairs Really Do Save You Money
In our instant gratification society, when something breaks it leaves us in a panic. Everything from the coffee maker to the car to the house is likely to need a repair at some point. Unfortunately, we are in a habit of hiring someone to make repairs or we rush out and replace the item with a new on Continue Reading
Do You Have a Bad Attitude – or Does Your Job Really Stink?
Do you have a bad attitude, or does your job really stink? It's not always you who is the problem. Sometimes the job really is that bad, or at least a bad fit. How do you work around that? Continue Reading
Why the War on Cash is Unlikely to Happen in America
There have been a lot of back page reports about the so called “war on cash”. India is the best example, since they severely restricted cash use last October. But they’re not alone. A cash clampdown also seems to be taking shape in Australia and several European countries already have plans in Continue Reading
Coping in Retirement When Investments Aren’t Enough
Many people are sadly unprepared when it comes to finances in retirement. They shouldn’t count on being able to work longer to make that difference up either. Many workers these days don’t have an awful lot in savings and investments that might be used for retirement, aside from their primary re Continue Reading
Why Politics Won’t Solve Our Problems
Have you noticed that despite all of the bold-sounding political claims, the media political churn, and the numerous books claiming political insight, that our problems as a nation seem to chug forward as if we're destined for disaster? It's as if the more we immerse ourselves in the politics of the Continue Reading