Does Freelance Blog Writing Create a Life of Leisure?
If you spend much time in this blog, you?re probably aware that I often claim to make a comfortable living as a freelance blog writer. That?s not just comfortable in the financial sense ? although that?s also true ? but even more so as a lifestyle. Freelance blog writing has given me a level of cont Continue Reading
How to Create Work-at-Home Gigs to Free You From Your Cubicle Forever
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home we discussed the why of working at home ? as in why you should. My hope was that in spelling out why work-at-home is a better way to earn a living, you?ll be sufficiently motivated make any effort needed to make it happen. It?s how I work, and I Continue Reading
5 Surprising Ways Hobbies Can Enhance Your Life
Hobbies don?t receive enough credit in today's fast paced world. The abundance of technology is prompting us at every turn and job responsibilities increasing daily, Spending time on a hobby is not something everyone makes a priority. This trend is troubling in the sense that those without hobbies a Continue Reading
7 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job to Pursue Your Dream
We?ve all thought about leaving our current job to follow our dreams at one time or another. But actually doing it is considerably more complicated. A nine-to-five might not be conducive to the most exhilarating lifestyle. But it does offer a certain amount of stability and long-term financial secur Continue Reading
12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home
If you?re planning a career change, moving into retirement, or just looking for additional income, your next gig should be work-at-home. To a lot of people that sounds like an impossible dream. But for millions of people, it?s a reality. I know, because I?ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. I s Continue Reading
Do You Really Need to Retire – Or Just Create an Easier Life?
On a visit to the picturesque seaside town of Kennebunkport, Maine, in August, I found myself sitting on a public bench in town. Now I was the lone male member in our group of five on this trip, which saw the four women browsing about the many shops, while I sought comfort and solitude at a well-sha Continue Reading
Make Yourself Aware of Common Credit Card Scams
Besides the credit card and bank account hacks you likely hear about in the news, you also have to watch out for everyday scammers attempting to access your credit card information. Through common credit card scams, criminals are getting more sophisticated. That means you could have vulnerabilities Continue Reading
To buy your first home is a major milestone in life. In American society, it?s often seen as a sign of ?making it? ? a sign that you?re an adult with a stable financial situation, on the way to filling that home with a family. That?s not to mention the fact that a home is also seen as an effectiv Continue Reading
How to Find Gig Work in None of the Usual Places
A 2018 Gallup survey put the number of gig workers at 36% of the workforce, or almost 57 million based on a workforce of at least 157 million+ people. But perhaps the more important revelation of the survey is what Gallup referred to as The Great Divide: Independent vs. Contingent Gig Workers. We?ll Continue Reading
Why You Should Ignore the Unemployment Rate If You’re Unemployed
If you're unemployed, under-employed or just looking for a better employment situation, you may do well to ignore the unemployment rate. Like the official inflation rate and so many other statistics, the unemployment rates is - shall we say - highly optimized. It's more of a misleading indicator, an Continue Reading