How NOT to Run a Business
This past weekend my wife, my daughter and myself got a lesson on how not to run a business. Not that logic and common sense wouldn't make certain things obvious, but sometimes you have to see a certified bad example play out in real time to truly appreciate what it means. We went to a local Continue Reading
How the Trump Presidency is Likely to Benefit Small Businesses – Or Not
In the race to create jobs – or at least to state the intention of doing so – most politicians are long on promises, and short on delivery. But nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to the creation of small businesses. But since he is not a career politician, do we dare speculate that Continue Reading
Following Up With a Second Act – Age Discrimination Work-arounds
Kevin’s comments on my last article, Choosing Your Career: “Refuse to Choose!” – A Book Review, recently got me to thinking: the job market can be an awfully rough place for older workers. I’ve heard stories of people as young as their 40s (hardly any older than me!) being told by job inte Continue Reading
Relearn Credit Card Behaviors that Build Good Credit History
Lots of people get to a point in life where our personal credit is a mess. Maybe it’s the day when you check your credit score only to learn that it is a miserable 539. Maybe it’s the day you realize you now have five figures of credit card debt. Maybe it’s the day you’re denied a loan from Continue Reading
Gold Trading Made Easier: What You Need to Watch for Greater Profits
Gold has always managed to lead the way as a commodity where the price responds to certain events and the economic outlook in general, so if you want to try and find a way to greater profits when trading this precious metal, you might be rewarded for paying attention. In terms of tracking the pro Continue Reading
The 2016 Election Proves America is NOT “One Nation Under God”
If you grew if you grew up in America, one of the first things you learned in school was the pledge of allegiance. One of the most telling phrases in the pledge - or at least it used to be - was "One Nation, Under God". The 2016 presidential election has shown us the darker side of the American expe Continue Reading
Make Your Move to a New Location as Easy as It Can Be
Getting a promotion at work can be very exciting. There are times when a company requires someone to relocate in order to receive their promotion because another location needs their skills more than the location they are currently at. When it comes time to make your move, it is important for the pe Continue Reading
7 Reasons You’re More Likely to Reach Financial Independence through Self-Employment than a Job
A lot of people stay on jobs - even if they don't like them - because they believe that doing so will be the shortest route to financial independence. That can be true in some situations, particularly if you like the work that you do. But you're more likely to reach financial independence through se Continue Reading
Will Donald Trump Make Good on His Promise to Fix Obamacare?
On the campaign trail and in the debates, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to fix Obamacare. No - he actually vowed to dismantle Obamacare. He never did quite get around to articulating exactly what he would replace it with. But now that he has been elected president, we can only hope th Continue Reading
Tech News: How to Manage Your Time and Attendance Needs
Different businesses are faced with different time and attendance system needs. Therefore in order to curb this problem, businesses need to embrace certain time and attendance systems that will help to manage your time and in managing the production of employees. The advent of technology has brought Continue Reading

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