Are HOAs Cults Behind Smiling Faces?
In Why You Should Avoid Buying in HOA Neighborhoods, frequent commentator Nila Ridings suggested that HOAs are cult-like. Having lived in several myself, I have to agree with Nila's observation. I've described them as the adult equivalent of a high school clique. Are HOAs cults? A strong case can be Continue Reading
Why You Have to Think of Yourself as Self-Employed Even if You’re Not
This concept is becoming increasingly important as the economy and the job market evolve into something as yet not clearly defined. But it's even more important if you’re a relatively new entrant to the workforce, or you're an older worker, looking either to remain in the workforce, or cut a path Continue Reading
US Ranked #54 in Health Care Efficiency – Should We Be Surprised?
Bloomberg came out with a report last week showing how poorly America stands on the health care front. In These Are the Economies With the Most (and Least) Efficient Health Care the US ranked #54 in health care efficiency. I think they’re on to something. That’s a very different way of mea Continue Reading
Why You May be Better Off Renting Your Home
There's no question, owning a home is the emotional preferred choice. It also fits more comfortably with him humanity's tendency toward normalcy bias – the general assumption that whatever has worked in the past will always work in the future. But as the nature and core structure of America's econ Continue Reading
Planning a business startup? Four important things to consider
If you are contemplating going it alone and becoming your own boss, you are not alone. The past decade has seen an explosion in new business startups for a whole host of reasons. In part, it is down to the difficulties faced in the broader economy. Corporate giants have tightened their belts and luc Continue Reading
No Savings and High Debt – The Link Isn’t a Coincidence
We hear a lot in the media about two very important personal financial issues – no savings and high debt. The problem is that the two are usually discussed individually. It's as if they’re independent of one another. But I'm convinced that no savings and high debt are connected – intimately Continue Reading
3 Key Differences between Whole and Term Life Insurance
Making the right decision regarding which insurance plan to choose can get quite confusing at times. If this is your first time coming across the terms such as whole and term life insurance, we’ve created this article to clear up at least some of the confusion. We've highlighted the main 3 differe Continue Reading
The Sears in Our Local Mall is Closing This Month – What’s Next?
It seems as if every few months we’re treated to a list of store closings by Sears. I’ve noticed in the past they’ve mainly closed stores located in rural areas or in very small cities. But this year they’ve taken to closing stores in prime locations. So, we weren’t surprised to read that Continue Reading
5 Things to Do, To Maximize Your Income from Online Surveys
The technique of utilizing online market surveys and focus groups was developed in order to provide manufacturers with a keen insight into the psyche of the consumer. With time, the concept of an incentive-based or paid survey was also introduced. It attempted to find more willing participants, who Continue Reading
5 Easy Ways To Rejuvenate Your Business
As entrepreneurs know, running a business is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs. What’s successful one day may not be the next. And keeping up with trends can feel like being stuck on a merry-go-round. You might feel like you’ve fallen into an uninspired spiral that you just can’t seem Continue Reading