Between jobs? Here’s what You Need to Know about Short-term Health Insurance
Short-term health insurance policies have been an important part of the health insurance market in America for more than three decades. This often essential service provides people with coverage who lose existing coverage for a variety of reasons. The most common is the loss of a job or transitionin Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why the Coronavirus Grocery Panic Isn’t as Bonkers as We Think
Empty shelves in grocery stores, food warehouses and big-box superstores have become a common sight with the advance of the coronavirus. People are panic-buying, as if preparing for Armageddon. But is the coronavirus grocery panic over-done and even bordering on insanity? Probably not. In fact, I Continue Reading
Becoming a Saver – The Foundation of Financial Success
There's are a lot of high-minded financial strategies being written about on the web. But it seems that for most people, finances are a lot closer to the ground. Given that 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings we may need to be concentrating on something much more basic. Becoming a save Continue Reading
6 Tips for Implementing a Work-From-Home Policy at a Small Business
Working from home isn’t the way of the future ––it’s the way of the present! Indeed, millions of employees already work remotely at least some of the time. And all small businesses need to have a work-from-home policy in place as they get started. Otherwise, they could risk losing out on tal Continue Reading
Dealing with Workplace Hazards
Workplace hazards are aren't always obvious, and many times are hidden just out of sight. That includes risks that could leave an employee seriously injured. It can even make their day to day work much harder to complete than it should be. No matter what type of environment it is, from an office, Continue Reading
Free Ways to Improve Your Writing
Even in the digital age, the written word still rules supreme. It is the most common way to share information. For that reason, it's critical to work on ways to improve your writing. Although, video is fast catching up and may one day take over. But, for now, the chances are that you will end up Continue Reading
Best Ways to Execute Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog
For bloggers who have been in the industry for years, affiliate marketing came to be their top source of income. It became not only a way to earn passive income but it eventually helped them ditch their 9-5 job. In fact, most of them turned into full-time bloggers. The best way to do that is to add Continue Reading
God <em>Isn’t</em> Dead – Despite “Official” Reports –  And What that Means to You
You’ve got to love a culture so intoxicated with itself that it has the audacity to infer that God – or at least religion – is dead. Maybe I’m reaching here, but any person, culture, or planet that believes it can make God go away, by public consensus or otherwise, has in fact declared itsel Continue Reading
Why Every Small Business Needs a Digital Accountant Professional
With the emergence of new and innovative technologies, every business is facing the challenge of keeping up with the changes. Companies are trying to adopt the latest digital trends for exponential growth and to achieve success in the long run. Having at least a digital accountant is one way to do t Continue Reading
Bestow Review – Up to $1 Million in Coverage in Just a Few Minutes
Life insurance is most under-appreciated type of insurance coverage. Everyone needs it, but they hesitate to buy for three reasons: Cost Medical exams The often-lengthy application process But the industry is evolving rapidly, making greater use of technology. That shift is min Continue Reading