7 Ways to Save Money at Home
Who wouldn't want to have a little more money at the end of every month? Unless you can simply walk into your boss' office and demand a raise, one of the easiest ways to end up with more money in your bank every month is to make the most out of the funds that you're already making. That is, save mon Continue Reading
Equifax Breach Shows How Ridiculously Complicated Everything Has Become
So now we have a breach of our identities, one that we were powerless to prevent. That’s 143 million of us, including – as recently confirmed – yours truly. 143 million identities are now floating around unaccounted for somewhere in cyberspace. All because we were involuntarily enrolled in the Continue Reading
Top 5 Money Conscious Data Plans For Every Internet User
More than 75% of the population own a smartphone, and about 45% consistently connect to the internet throughout the day, the American Psychological Association has revealed. People are using more data today than in the past few years as the mobile platform expands. That's why there's a real need to Continue Reading
Selling Your Skills on the Open Market
I often promote starting a side business as a way to either create an additional income, or as a strategy to diversify income sources. But the very term "side business" may be intimidating to a lot of people who have never been self-employed. But a side business - like any form of self-employment - Continue Reading
Why Discipline is More Important Than Talent, Skills or Credentials
This post is inspired by the comments from readers on my last post, Counting the Cost of Convenience – Do We Even Bother? The desire for convenience has become an all-encompassing objective in our culture. In the comments thread, we identified the lack of discipline among youth as a major reason w Continue Reading
Work From Home – Is It Worth It?
When you spend half the day battling the heat, the humidity (or the snow and ice) and the heavy rush of traffic just to commute to work every day, work from home seems like a wonderful idea. You can lounge around all day indoors in your PJs and make a living! However, that’s not all, a freelanc Continue Reading
Counting the Cost of Convenience – Do We Even Bother?
The traffic getting my wife into work yesterday was much lighter than either of us anticipated. With the extra time we had, we stopped in at Dunkin’ Donuts to get coffee. There was a line of seven or eight cars queued up at the drive-up window. As is our usual custom, we parked the car and went in Continue Reading
Why You Should Never Fully Retire
Millions of working people want nothing more than to pack it in and retire. The Internet has spawned websites and chat rooms dedicated to the topic. People swap stories about what they’re doing to make it happen, and how it’ll feel when they get there. But like so many other aspects of popular t Continue Reading
What Are Your Options if You Get Injured Through No Fault of Your Own
You're driving along minding your own business when suddenly you are rear ended. Or, perhaps you were working on the job and received an injury through faulty equipment. These scenarios and many others just like them happen every day to innocent people. What are your options if you get injured throu Continue Reading
What TV REALLY Costs Us
We're not going to talk today about the best deals on widescreen TVs or the most cost effective cable packages. No, I want to focus on what I’m certain are the far larger effects of TV on our finances. Those effects include time, opportunity cost, and free thought. Those are what TV really costs u Continue Reading