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“What Should I Do With My Life?” That question is one that many of us continually ask ourselves. I still ask myself that question as a 41 year old as much as I did when I was 21. Sometimes, that question becomes riddled with anxiety, and instead we begin to say in worry and frustration: “I don Continue Reading
What to Do When Debt Becomes Overwhelming
People seem to love throwing superlatives around when they represent something of an exaggeration. But when it comes to debt, overwhelming can be precisely the right word. If you have so many credit card bills, overdraft statements and the like flooding in through the door, you can feel helpless, pa Continue Reading
4 Ways to Demonstrate Charity to Your Kids as They Head Back to Class
Returning to school is too often a grand excuse to shop. From books and supplies to clothes and activity fees, we frequently get caught up in making sure our kids have not only everything that they need, but everything that they want, as well. If you’re a person of faith wanting to make a differen Continue Reading
Another Mall Dress Shop Closed – Why Retail Can’t Keep Blaming Amazon
Earlier this year a new dress shop opened at our local mall. It was one of those high-end boutique dress shops. My own assessment of the situation was that it would never last – the last thing this or any other mall needs is another boutique dress shop. Yesterday morning I walked by the same s Continue Reading
How to Set Up a Budget Plan
Knowing how to properly manage money is important, yet a good majority of adults don’t have a budget plan. In fact, only 41% of Americans have a budget, meaning that almost 60% of the country doesn’t keep close tabs on their finances. While budgeting may not be the sexiest part of being an adult Continue Reading
Nuggets of Wisdom: Choose Your Financial Advisor Wisely by Following This 5-Step Process
As a business owner, having to choose your financial advisor is such an important step you need to take. Take the time to choose the right one. You can possibly make a vast amount of wealth through making the right investment decisions. You can also save money by having it in the right places. Ho Continue Reading
Is 75 the New 65? There May Be No Choice
Since I’m self-employed and home-based, I generally choose to work out at the gym around mid-morning. It just works best with my somewhat unorthodox work schedule. But something I’ve been noticing when I go on weekdays is the pronounced number of people over 60 – and more than a few over 70 Continue Reading
How to Write a Resume When You Are Just Out of College
A majority of college students after graduation come to realize that they need to apply for jobs. Statistics showed that in July 2017, 4% of freshly graduated college students were unemployed in the US. This turns out to be such a complete challenge since they do not know what to include in their re Continue Reading
11 Reasons Why You’re Not Making More Money
When the mainstream media grabs a certain negative theme, it’s usually more noteworthy than most of us think. One of the apparent contradictions in the current economic expansion has been the notable absence of increasing incomes. Different theories abound. But I've come up with a list of 11 reaso Continue Reading
Most Older Workers are Postponing Retirement – Is That a Bad Thing?
This past spring Hunt Scanlon Media reported the results of a recent CareerBuilder survey on retirement. It indicated a full 53% of workers 60 and older are postponing retirement. What’s more, 40% don’t think they’ll be able to retire until age 70 or older. What does that say about the curr Continue Reading