How to Make Money Online to Get out of Debt
Debts often create a sense of desperation. Whether you are taking a new loan or just paying off an existing one, there's a feeling of indignation over how long it takes to repay. Making a decision to get out of debt is already tough, not to mention devising ways to raise the amount of money required Continue Reading
How Best to Prepare for a Financial Crisis
If you're in debt, you know all too well the stress that comes with a pile of unpaid bills. There are many things that happen in your life that can cause this, such as a loss of income, unexpected medical expenses or a child heading off to college. Unfortunately, more often than not, what follows sh Continue Reading
How to Impress a Property Manager When You’re Apartment Hunting
Apartment hunting can be time-consuming and stressful, yet usually brings the anticipation of new beginnings. Besides weeding out dozens or hundreds of apartments as they go, renters must decide which unique combination of amenities, location, and price will compel them to take a chance and schedule Continue Reading
Pursue Your Passion – But DON’T Quit Your Job
It’s become almost a cliché: quit your job and pursue your passion! Personally, I think that advice is way overused, but it’s also one of the worst pieces of advice to ever give to anyone. It sure sounds good, especially to someone who is in a job they hate and wanting nothing more than to aban Continue Reading
Can You Fix Things? Try Elevator Repair
If you have a knack for repairs and you’ve been thinking about a career change, you might want to look into elevator repair…seriously! Every contraption known to man eventually needs repair or replacement, virtually guaranteeing there will always be work available for the repairmen of the world. Continue Reading
All Jobs are Temporary! (And What You Can Do About It)
Welcome to the 21st Century, where job security is a thing of the past! No one wants to think about this, but because of technology and globalization, the possibility is very real that many jobs and careers that have recently disappeared aren’t coming back. It's a new world where all jobs are temp Continue Reading
Overcoming Life’s Hurdles – Achieving the “Impossible”
I’m concerned that my last column (Following Up With a Second Act – Age Discrimination Work-arounds) may have left some readers drawing conclusions that I hadn’t meant for them to draw. So today I an even broader view, of overcoming life's hurdles. What I Didn't Mean to Say in the Last Post Continue Reading
Our Health Insurance Premium was Over $21,000 Last Year
This past week the W2 from my wife's employer came in. In box 12c was a very large number, albeit an "informational" one only. It represents the amount paid for health insurance during 2016. Including both the employee and employer portions, our health insurance premium was over $21,000 last year! T Continue Reading
How To Break Into The Real Estate Industry
One of the major challenges of choosing a career that you love is that it is often not as easy to enter as you’d like. Many times, it seems just easier to settle for anything that pays the bills rather than work hard to establish yourself in a career that you find completely satisfying. Many peopl Continue Reading
4 Things to Consider When Traveling Abroad and Working Online
Being able to see the world is sure to be something you want to do. However, being able to live your dream is sure to be another story. In order to turn this into a reality, there are many things you must do beforehand. The key to your success in making a living working online and going where you w Continue Reading