5 Small Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Inviting Again
With all of life’s demands, it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize cleaning and sprucing up your home.  This can be especially tough during the holiday season, when most of your free time is probably spent baking, wrapping presents, and sending out holiday cards.  If your space could use so Continue Reading
Are Things Getting Worse – Or Better?
In this article we’re going to go high altitude, and debate the question, are things getting worse – or better? This is a completely subjective debate, of course. Most likely, if you’re in the “bottom” 90% you see things getting gradually worse. But if you’re in the “top 10%” you see Continue Reading
What to Look for in a Credit Card Agreement
For many people, the day they get their first credit card feels like they’ve finally arrived. After all, credit is one of the perks of reaching the age of responsibility. However, many new card users seem to forget everything charged must be paid. That means a new credit card also represents the p Continue Reading
How to Get Rid of Your Timeshare For Good
Why are so many people drawn to vacation ownership? For one thing, it is an incredibly affordable way to vacation. You can purchase a timeshare at a resort of your choice for a lifetime of vacations that include luxury accommodations, a plethora of incredible amenities and services, and the ability Continue Reading
The Message from the Financial Media: It’s Your Fault You’re Not Rich
Last week MarketWatch published the following article: Opinion: Social Security benefits too low? It’s mostly your own fault. Now I don’t want to be too critical of this article – it makes the valid point that Social Security benefits are reduced by early retirement. I don’t agree with their Continue Reading
Why Aren’t More Americans Self-Employed?
Despite the lack of job security, and the increase in workload and stress, the vast majority of American workers continue on someone else's payroll. In fact, depending on who's statistics you're looking at, the percentage of Americans who are self-employed runs somewhere between 6% and 10% of the to Continue Reading
How the Job Boards Hurt Job Hunters and Help Employers
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the official unemployment rate is down to 3.7% for September. If that statistic is accurate, there should be a job available for everyone who wants one. What's more, there should be enough pressure on wages that salaries should be rising sharply. Bu Continue Reading
Do We Need Student Loan Debt Amnesty to Avoid a Crisis?
Normally, we think debtors should be required to pay their obligations in full. I was once in that camp. But during the Financial Meltdown, we had a similar crisis, with too many people owing too much money on their homes. Amnesty – perhaps in form of something like a 25% forgiveness of everyone Continue Reading
Are HOAs Cults Behind Smiling Faces?
In Why You Should Avoid Buying in HOA Neighborhoods, frequent commentator Nila Ridings suggested that HOAs are cult-like. Having lived in several myself, I have to agree with Nila's observation. I've described them as the adult equivalent of a high school clique. Are HOAs cults? A strong case can be Continue Reading
Why You Have to Think of Yourself as Self-Employed Even if You’re Not
This concept is becoming increasingly important as the economy and the job market evolve into something as yet not clearly defined. But it's even more important if you’re a relatively new entrant to the workforce, or you're an older worker, looking either to remain in the workforce, or cut a path Continue Reading