Why Geographic Mobility May Be More Important than Ever
In this article I’d like to discuss a career issue that most probably don’t even think about. The human tendency is often to find a specific place, and “put down roots”. That certainly has emotional appeal, particularly if you have family near your home turf. But from an economic standpoint, Continue Reading
Becoming a Digital Nomad Can Transform Your Life
I can’t remember when I first heard the term digital nomad. But I got a strong whiff of the romanticized version in an article Is the ‘Digital Nomad’ Life as Good as It Sounds?. As something of a digital nomad myself, I’ve always thought becoming a digital nomad can transform your life, and Continue Reading
Retirement Won’t be an End Game – But Just Another Phase on the Road of Life
Do you remember the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz? I could be wrong, but I think that’s something like the concept a lot of people have about retirement. It’ll be a whole new life, with brilliant new adventures, and none of the problems of your current life. But will it? Continue Reading
Consequences of Not Preparing for the Unforeseen
If you’ve ever done any research on how to get your personal finances in order, one of the tips you’ve likely read about time and time again is creating an emergency fund. Essentially, it is a savings account in which you store money to use for those moments you weren’t prepared for. It preven Continue Reading
The Number One Investing Tip: Be Lazy
Research shows that investors who monitor their portfolios regularly tend to make less money. Often investors don’t make money even though many funds post strong returns since inception. In other words, why do lazy investors who don’t monitor their investments tend to make more money than inv Continue Reading
Shared Housing for Millennials – Boarding Houses Are Making a Comeback
Much as was the case prior to the Financial Meltdown in 2008, housing – both purchases and rentals – have made a stunning comeback. At least prices have. Late last year it was reported that house price levels finally eclipsed their 2006 price peak and are climbing higher. The recovery is of c Continue Reading
5 Ways to Eliminate Financial Stress – And Why You Must
This is a simple, straightforward concept, but not so easy to accomplish. But financial stress is literally a killer. Not only does it fill your head with painful clutter, but it also drains your energy, and compromises your health. To eliminate financial stress isn’t easy, and you'll probably nev Continue Reading
A Jaded Employee’s Career Burnout Guide
After you graduated with a shiny bachelor’s degree, the real world seemed full of exhilarating opportunity. Now, a few years later, you feel like you couldn’t care less. The challenges you face in your job aren’t interesting, and you rarely feel motivated to put in more than 25 percent of your Continue Reading
20 Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance
What if you could get a part time job with health insurance? You’re in luck—you can. There are prominent employers that do offer health insurance for part-time staff. Continue Reading
Keeping it Simple:  Why Comparison Sites are Gaining Popularity
With only a limited amount of funds to spare, people are always on the lookout for a better deal. Nowadays, finding the cheapest provider is not enough. The best choice is often a mix of price and quality, a middle line if you will. Due to an increased demand for having all of the service providers Continue Reading