Four Forgotten Costs in Trading
Trading currencies and commodities can yield very high revenues under the right circumstances, but there are a number of factors that can cut into these profits. There is no more valuable tool for a trader than knowledge, and if you know where these costs can come in you may be able to take steps to Continue Reading
How Self-Employment Creates a Stronger Economy
The election season has created a blizzard of political ads, overwhelming us with cheery messages on how Candidate A will lead us to the promised land, while the evil Candidate B (always shown in black and white) will take us straight into Hell. No one ever says exactly what they will do, but instea Continue Reading
7 Cloud Tools You’ll Need When Starting Your Small Business
One of the best things you can do for yourself as a small business or start-up owner is to use cloud computing. Accessing most aspects of your business from the internet, wherever you go, is now a business necessity. Plus, cloud software can do almost anything your business needs, whether that's ac Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why Work is a Gift from God
A lot of people hate work. Not just the effort it requires, but the whole concept. I used to count myself among them. Work was something to be minimized, and eventually eliminated through the attainment of wealth. But now that I'm older and I've been through a lot more, and I've had the opportunity Continue Reading
Choosing Your Career: “Refuse to Choose!” – A Book Review
I’ve always found myself a tad envious of people who say: “I always knew what I wanted to be!” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for example, was already playing and composing for piano at age three; for him, there was no question about what he was going to be when he grew up. For many others, howe Continue Reading
Advancing Your Career at a Startup: Wise Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder Even If You Can’t See It
Working at a startup can be incredibly exciting. Who knows, it could turn out to be the next Facebook or Google, and you could be part of something that changes the world, especially if you work in the tech sector. And despite the risks, it could be one of the best ways of advancing your career. Continue Reading
7 Dark Reasons Why Good Workers Don’t Get Promoted
You might be one of the top performers in your company or department - maybe the top performer. But you don't get promoted - why? It could be that you lack a critical skill, or maybe even a significant credential. But just as often - maybe even more often - is something less objective, less holy. Th Continue Reading
How High Can Healthcare Go Before it Blows Up?
The cost of healthcare in the US is high by any measure, but the more ominous reality is that it continues to get even more expensive. Most assume that rising healthcare costs are a natural phenomenon, or are concerned only that the growing costs of healthcare are covered by insurance or by governme Continue Reading
Are Credit Card Rewards Really Worth Pursuing?
Some people believed credit card rewards are worth pursuing. After all, they represent free money or benefits you can take advantage of just by using your card for expenses you would pay anyway. There are many reasons why you should be using your credit card on your next purchase especially if it en Continue Reading
Why and How to Save Money
When you save money you're on the right path, on a number of fronts. It allows you to achieve important goals. For example, build a house in five years, buy a car, pay for your children's education or buy shares in some companies. Savings also allow you to deal with the unexpected. It offers secu Continue Reading

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