7 Ugly Truths ‘Undercover Boss’ Reveals About American Business
I'm not much of a TV watcher these days, but there are certain programs I watch if they’re on and I have nothing better to do. One of them is Undercover Boss. I like it because it involves the interaction between business management and the "little people" on the front line. It's a much more delic Continue Reading
Relocating For a Better Career Opportunity Is Easier Than You Think
Considering a better career opportunity abroad, far from all the surroundings you’re familiar with, can seem daunting. If you already have job offers that don’t require you to relocate, you have likely received warnings that giving them up could be a bad choice that costs you promotion opportuni Continue Reading
America’s Malls Are Overpriced and Running Out of Time
A couple of months ago my wife and I were walking through the Steeplegate Mall in Concord, New Hampshire. It looks like most enclosed malls do, except that there were almost no people there - on a Saturday night. Not a good sign. As is my custom, I asked a mall employee about the dearth of customers Continue Reading
Why Diversify Your Investments?
For the average person, the concept of diversification is a must in every portfolio. In it’s purest form, you are managing your risk. Why diversify your investments? Diversification, as defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is to balance (as an investment portfolio) defensively by dividing Continue Reading
Ten Financial Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
There are strategies we need to put in place that will help lead us where we want to be in life, but just as important is avoiding financial mistakes. When making our plans, we can project working in a certain career, earning a certain income, investing and having X amount of money by age Y, livi Continue Reading
What Your Car Says About You
Although not all vehicles can be as lifelike as Herbie the Love Bug, or as distinctive as the Batmobile, your set of wheels still makes a statement about your personality and priorities every time you pull away from the curb. Perhaps the vehicle you’ve chosen reveals that you’re focused on fuel Continue Reading
Planning, Packing and Points: Top Tips to Earn Travel Rewards Before Your Next Trip
If you're planning an upcoming trip, you'll probably be looking for ways to save money on everything from your flights to your hotel to your car hire. One of the best ways to make big savings when you go away is to sign up to earn travel rewards program. You can quickly save up points that you can t Continue Reading
Why America is Still Fascinated With JonBenet Ramsey
It's been 20 years since the murder. The media is dredging up the case in a sort of macabre celebration of the milestone anniversary of the tragic event. America remains fascinated with JonBenet Ramsey. But why? Why this case, and not other unsolved murder or abduction cases? What's special about Continue Reading
How Much Money Can You Save By NOT Eating Out?
Redeeming Riches once ran a truly good series, 10 Money-Saving Tips to Help You Stash $10,000!, which includes tips in each post on how to accumulate such a pile of cash, one expense at a time. The initial post in the series took aim at cutting back on going out to eat as the first tip in the quest. Continue Reading
How NOT to Run a Business
This past weekend my wife, my daughter and myself got a lesson on how not to run a business. Not that logic and common sense wouldn't make certain things obvious, but sometimes you have to see a certified bad example play out in real time to truly appreciate what it means. We went to a local Continue Reading