What Will Replace Health Insurance After Obamacare Blows Up?
Let’s have some fun with one of the most depressing subjects of the 21st century – healthcare. Let’s speculate what will replace health insurance after Obamacare blows up. That’s right, blows up. I realize that’s a chilling scenario, but it’s one we must be prepared for. I think Barac Continue Reading
With All The Miracle Drugs on TV US Has Shorter Life Spans
Want to know something truly disgusting - no, sad really? With all the money that’s spent on healthcare in the US, especially on miracle drugs, the average life span in this country ranks only 26th among the worlds 36 most developed countries, otherwise known as the Organization for Economic Coope Continue Reading
Getting Compensation for No-Fault Personal Injuries
Injuries are a part of life. Most are minor and don’t slow people down. But suffering a personal injury can also be a devastating blow that affects every aspect of your life. That's why getting compensation for no-fault personal injuries is sometimes necessary. I’m not one to advocate for leg Continue Reading
You and Your Boss Really Are Different
Recently I was digging through some of my “digital clutter” (hard to believe that term didn’t exist a couple of decades ago!) when I came across this gem: “Differences Between You and Your Boss”. I have no idea who was the original source for this, but if your boss or supervisor or other s Continue Reading
Sooner or Later We May All Need to be Self-Employed
A blurb appeared on Linked In a few days ago, opening a forum discussion about self-employment. It reported that self-employment is on the rise in America, and that “Americans no longer want a boss”. A reasonable desire I think. And it means we may all need to be self-employed, at least eventual Continue Reading
7 Tips to Increase Blog Web Traffic
No one starts a blog with the intention of staying undiscovered forever. We all want people to read and enjoy our content –– and we especially want to improve our businesses as a result of our work in blogging. The good news is, you can increase blog web traffic –– no matter what you write a Continue Reading
What to Do if You Don’t Want to Face a Life Insurance Medical Exam?
Have you been putting off getting Life Insurance because you don't want to face a life insurance medical exam? If so, I feel your pain. I’m documented to have white coat hypertension – the sight of someone coming at me with a stethoscope and a tongue depressor causes my blood pressure to elevate Continue Reading
Why Cohousing May be the High Cost Retirement Housing Alternative
Cohousing? I didn’t make that up. Frequent commentor Looking Ahead introduced me to the term in a comment made on Alt-Retirement and the Long-term Care Dilemma. It’s a perfect term to describe the living arrangements I outlined to deal with the prohibitive cost of long-term care. But in a muc Continue Reading
Mortgage Matters: Making the Right Choices on a Big Investment
A home loan is arguably one of the most important investments you will ever make. For many people, a mortgage matters and is #1 expense. In fact, US household debt surveys (Center for Microeconomic Data at the Federal Reserve Bank Of New York) reveal the following breakdown of the average debt burde Continue Reading
Reverse Retirement – The New Trend in “Retirement”
It’s rare to go into a big box retail store or a fast food restaurant and not see one or more older people somewhere on staff. While we might think Isn’t that nice, he/she is supplementing their retirement income, there may be a bigger story playing out here. An article in Yahoo! Finance (One-th Continue Reading