How Long to Keep Pay Stubs, Bills and Other Financial Records
Taxation has always been a controversial issue for Americans. Regardless of our feelings, most of us pay our taxes yearly in compliance with the law. That raises the question how long to keep pay stubs, bills and other financial records. For most, the process is easy. We get our pay stubs in Continue Reading
Observations on My Lifetime of Work – And What’s My Next Move?
It’s been the better part of a year since I have contributed anything to OOYR. As the saying goes, “Life has a habit of getting in the way of your plans.” So I have not been as active on here as I would like. At the same time, this period has been a good opportunity for me to re-evaluate my li Continue Reading
You Don’t Need a Car When You Work from Home
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home, one of the 12 reasons I listed was that you don’t need a car when you work from home. Most of the others were intangible benefits, like having greater control of your time and creating a better work/life balance. And though eliminating the ne Continue Reading
How to Research a Difficult Blog Subject: 6 Steps to Success
To put it mildly, blogs are everywhere. According to some estimates, there are over 600 million blogs in the world, and over 31 million active bloggers in the US alone. Pick a topic – any topic – and there’s likely to be a blog (or ten) that covers it closely. If you're a blogger - or looking Continue Reading
Spotting Debt Relief Scams
Debt relief can be a big help for people when they’re struggling to pay off their bills. But the industry also attracts a lot of people who want to take advantage of those in less fortunate circumstances. Here are some red flags to watch for when spotting debt relief scams. You Can’t Get Continue Reading
How Much Can You Save by NOT Owning a Car?
Pssst - wanna lower your cost of living - I mean really lower your cost of living and do it for good? Ditch your car. No, I'm not kidding, ditch your car! It's mind-boggling how much you can save by not owning a car. Most people cut costs by trimming along the edges - clipping coupons, reducing e Continue Reading
Investing in Cryptocurrency ? Why You Should ? And Why You Shouldn?t
Back in 2017, when Bitcoin exploded to nearly $20,000, investing in cryptocurrency was gaining credibility. After all, who didn?t want to be ?in? on what might be the biggest speculative investment success story of the 21st century? But the magic began to wear off after the peak of December, 2017 Continue Reading
Does Freelance Blog Writing Create a Life of Leisure?
If you spend much time in this blog, you?re probably aware that I often claim to make a comfortable living as a freelance blog writer. That?s not just comfortable in the financial sense ? although that?s also true ? but even more so as a lifestyle. Freelance blog writing has given me a level of cont Continue Reading
How to Create Work-at-Home Gigs to Free You From Your Cubicle Forever
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home we discussed the why of working at home ? as in why you should. My hope was that in spelling out why work-at-home is a better way to earn a living, you?ll be sufficiently motivated make any effort needed to make it happen. It?s how I work, and I Continue Reading
5 Surprising Ways Hobbies Can Enhance Your Life
Hobbies don?t receive enough credit in today's fast paced world. The abundance of technology is prompting us at every turn and job responsibilities increasing daily, Spending time on a hobby is not something everyone makes a priority. This trend is troubling in the sense that those without hobbies a Continue Reading