Does Working Hard <em>Really</em> Get You Ahead?
How many times have we heard that phrase, "Work hard and you?ll get ahead in life!" Is it true? Does working hard really get you ahead? I ask that question because the more I read and the more I talk with other people, I doubt if there's a definitive answer. Certainly when we were younger and in sch Continue Reading
By the Age of 40 – Make Retirement a Priority
In what seems like a blink of an eye, 20 turns into 30, and then 40 lurks around the corner. It?s at that time that people begin to take things in life a little more seriously, including retirement. Although you still have two decades to put money away, the time to start taking action is now. Make r Continue Reading
How to Prepare Your Finances for the Next Recession
This is a difficult topic to take on in the current economy. At least right now, a recession seems unlikely, and some are saying impossible. But the current economic expansion ? anemic that it is ? is now about 10 years old. That makes it the longest expansion on record. As the saying goes, what goe Continue Reading
How to Become Self-Employed Even if You?ve Never Been Before
In How Starting Your Own Business Helps You and the Economy we discussed the benefits of self-employment both to you as an individual, and to the overall economy in general. Self-employment not only liberates people from their corporate cubicles, but it also increases the number of available jobs, a Continue Reading
How to Get Along With Difficult Coworkers
Often, business owners like to refer to their employees as part of a corporate ?family.? Yet, the reality is that coworkers aren?t family - they aren?t even friends. Sometimes, the only thing two team members have in common is that they share the same work space. While you don?t have to be best pals Continue Reading
How Starting Your Own Business Helps You and the Economy
If you?ve been feeling trapped by your job, there is a way out. By becoming self-employed, you?ll get off the corporate ladder, and gain greater control over your life. No, it?s not an easy path or even a straight one. But the payoff is more than worth the effort. And there are ways you can become s Continue Reading
How to Find the Proper Lawyer for You and Your Case
If you're wanting some legal help, the likelihood is you're going to be searching for a good professional lawyer to assist you along with your case. It's critical to find the proper lawyer. You may be beginning a business, ending a marriage, or trying to open a suit against a business or individu Continue Reading
The Rise of the Geographically Mobile Workforce
We read and hear a lot about immigration, mostly as a national crisis. But whether we like it or not, I believe immigration is here to stay. As circumstances in Third World countries become increasingly desperate, people are leaving those countries in favor of the rich countries. But with the rise o Continue Reading
Government Insured Loans: What You Should Know
Buying a house is a big decision. Not only will you probably be committing yourself to spending more money on one single item than you ever will again. You?ll probably also be writing a check for it over and over again each month for more than a third of your life! It?s a big responsibility. Houses Continue Reading
The Big Financial Retirement Mistake You Should Avoid – Retirement Healthcare Costs
Did you know the majority of Americans grade themselves as having a ?C? based on their readiness for retirement, according to Worse, few have any concept of retirement healthcare costs. What grade would you give yourself? If you?re like the 54% of workers who said that they don?t Continue Reading