Save Money Buying Musical Instruments

If you have teenagers who play musical instruments or if you?re into instruments yourself, your wallet will love a company called Musician?s Friend. They’ll definitely help you save money buying musical instruments.

My son got into playing drums when he was ten years old, not just through the school music program, but as a personal hobby and passion. If your kids are musical types, you know only too well the heavy costs involved in sustaining their hobby: musical instruments aren?t cheap!

Not only are the instruments themselves pricey, but the cost of accessories and replacement parts can rate a line item in your budget by themselves.

In the beginning, we followed the herds into the local music shops and paid top dollar for instruments for our kids. As one example, our daughters? violin cost $1100; that was four years ago, and now she?s ready to give it up! We originally rented the violin just in case she did decide to quit, but after a couple of years when it looked like she?d keep at it, we converted the lease to a purchase.

For everything since, we?ve gone to Musician?s Friend. Being a drummer and having a drum ?kit?, our son is always in the market for add-ons, like cymbals, drum heads, stands and various sundry percussion instruments. Short of taking on a part time job to support his musical habit, we had to find a better way, and we did.

Musician?s Friend has the local music shops beat across the board:

Price. As a rule, Musician?s Friend is priced anywhere from 10-50% below local music store prices. And they run sales too. Usually with discounts this consistent and this deep, there?s a catch, but if there?s one with this company, we haven?t run across it in the nearly four years we?ve been dealing with them.

Variety. Musician?s Friend has a wider variety of products than we?ve seen with any single company?far more than the local stores. If it has anything to do with music, they have it. It?s a real case of ?one stop shopping?.

Customer service. This is one area where we?ve been really impressed. Most discount providers of any service fall down on customer service, but we continue dealing with them because they have the best prices. That?s not the case with Musician?s Friend. You can always get someone on the phone, they?re courteous, helpful, and it?s obvious they?ve been empowered to take care of the customer. One experience with them and you?ll see what I mean.

Fast delivery. Musical instruments aren?t usually the type of products you need as soon as possible, so there?s usually a decent amount of lead time when buying. You won?t need much of it with Musician?s Friend. They can usually get your order filled in just a few days, but will work with you if you need it sooner. They run delivery specials on a regular basis where if your order exceeds a certain dollar amount?typically $50 or $100?shipping costs are waived.

Solid return policy. We?ve only had a couple of return situations with them, usually because the item ordered didn?t exactly fit the existing system we have. That?s never been a problem. The company?s return policy is very customer friendly, and there was one time when we returned an item and got a higher priced replacement at no extra charge. Another time, they gave us a freebie as part an exchange. Service like that keeps you coming back again and again.

Check out the Musician?s Friend website next time you need a new instrument or attachment. Saving 10% or 20% on an instrument that costs $500, $1000 or $2000 at the local music shop can be substantial. And the personable customer service won?t be too hard to take either!

Disclaimer: No, I am not receiving compensation of any kind from Musician?s Friend. I?m writing about them because we?ve had a long and very positive experience with them, and because the service they provide can benefit anyone with an interest in musical instruments. There are a lot of crappy companies out there who act as if they only half want your business, but this isn?t one of them. When you find a good company to do business with, you just want to shout about it, and that?s what I?m doing here.

Where are you buying your instruments and attachments now? Have you ever heard of Musician?s Friend? Are their other little known discount providers of various products and services?not necessarily musical instruments?that you could recommend?

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  1. I loved the way you exlained things. Much better many here, Regards Lola

  2. I really enjoyed this post, especially the ?examples in this post? portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks

  3. I play drums too and have bought many used drum kits from individual people selling them. you will save big bucks compared to buying new… the retail markup on this stuff sold new is crazy high. I have never bought a bad used set… a brand name set lasts for years…

  4. Excellent idea, buying used! But for those who want the variety that new can provide–plus a reliable supply of inexpensive replacement parts–there’s Musician’s Friend!

  5. As a musician myself, I appreciate what you’re doing here… thanks! I’ll keep reading!!!

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