Tech News: How to Manage Your Time and Attendance Needs

Different businesses are faced with different time and attendance system needs. Therefore in order to curb this problem, businesses need to embrace certain time and attendance systems that will help to manage your time and in managing the production of employees. The advent of technology has brought about several systems that fit a variety of business in terms of the size and the type of business.


For small size business, Stratustime is something that offers the best options needed in the time and attendance systems. This is basically a cloud based solution that has been made to provide a comprehensive assortment of time-tracking options. With this system, employees are able to clock in and clock out easily and efficiently using several devices such as the traditional time clocks, telephones, mobile devices as well as the internet-connected computers.

Tech News: How to Manage Your Time and Attendance Needs
Tech News: How to Manage Your Time and Attendance Needs
Apart from the clocking in and out of the business, the system provides an opportunity to manage the paid time off, generate the schedules for employees, and monitor the overtime hours spent by some of the employees. Apart from that, the Stratustime incorporates with an extensive variety of payroll services and it also features several mobile services. This system is also easier to use and can be accessed by anybody. With it you can integrate more than 60 payroll services.


Apart from the Stratustime, another system that is best to solve the time and attendance needs for very small businesses is referred to as the uAttend. This is the best system for very small business because of it is cloud based and therefore does not require any special software to install to the devices.

Apart from the ease of installation, uAttend is also very flexible and therefore fits small businesses. It allows the employees to clock in and out using their time clocks, mobile devices, telephones as well as web browsers. The time clocks of these devices are also plug and play ready and does not require longer processes. Apart from that, data can be send in real time to the system including lifetime guarantees.


The third among tech news time and attendance systems is referred to as the Clockspot.com. This system allows for employees in a business to clock in using an online time clock or using a mobile phone through dialing a toll number. This also able to track the caller IDs as well as the IP address of persons and make it easier to identify the place at which the employees are clocking in and out.

It provides an opportunity for employers to log into the system using any web browser as they review the time sheets of the employees. The employers can also make any necessary adjustments to the employee schedules. Apart from this, Clockspot provides a platform to track the earnings and deductions from employees payslips, run payroll reports as well as manage the overtime periods.

Advanced Systems

The fourth time and attendance systems in the tech news is the advance systems, this system provides cloud based as well as on premise time and attendance solutions. Some of the features of advanced systems include an employee self-service module which provides an opportunity for employees to view their work schedules, the hours they have worked as well as request for time offs.

The advance system is compatible with the proximity time clocks and web-based time clocks. Mobile devices as well as telephones can also be used to clock in and clock out by the employees.

Any of these systems an help you to better manage your staff and even your payroll costs. If you have more than a few employees, look into these systems and see which will work best for you.

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