Things Around the House You Could Earn Big Bucks Selling

There are a lot of ways to earn big bucks selling in this day and age. You can start an online business overnight and begin raking in the money. Everyone would love the opportunity to make a little extra cash. But not everyone has the time, resources, or experience to add a business to their plate. Fortunately, there are other ways you can add to your monthly income. One of them is to sell things around the house you don?t have a use for anymore. Below is a list of things you could get rid of and make money.

Things Around the House You Could Earn Big Bucks Selling
Things Around the House You Could Earn Big Bucks Selling

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

New cell phone models and mobile devices being designed every day and the opportunity to capitalize on old technology is increasing. There are companies that will purchase your mobile phone and other digital devices for cash. Whether they?re working or not, you could make several hundred dollars for phones you no longer use.

Tip: If you?re going to sell your cell phone or mobile device, make sure that you?ve removed all personal and sensitive information from the devices. You can do this by wiping the drive clean and deleting files permanently.

Earn Big Bucks Selling Cars, Trucks, and Vans

Some people assume that the only way you can get some decent money for your car, truck, or van is if it?s brand new and in mint condition. Yes, you could get more for a fully functioning car at a dealership. But there are companies that would purchase your car for cash. You can get cash for your car no matter what condition it?s in. Auto recyclers and junk car buyers, like Cars Sold for Cash, are interested in buying functioning car parts and scrap metal from you. Depending on the condition of your car and the current price of metal, you could receive several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Tip: When selling your car for cash remember to remove all personal items and paperwork to ensure your identity isn?t stolen.

Video Games, Consoles, DVDs, and CDs

Gaming is a favorite pastime for both children and adults. With all the new games and systems coming out, many people are getting rid of the old ones to make room for new ones. If you have old gaming systems or video games, you can sell them to gamers online. You can also take them to a nearby game store and sell them used for extra money.

Streaming services and free TV, movies, and music is being sold in digital form. The need to hang on to DVDs and CDs is becoming obsolete. If you have some old CDs or DVDs you no longer watch, you can get rid of them as well.

Gold and Jewelry

If you love jewelry you probably have a lot of pieces that you don?t wear anymore. Getting rid of them can add a few more dollars to your bank account. As gold and other precious metals are valuable to jewelers, they will often pay you for your old gold jewelry. Since they?re most concerned with the metal you can even turn in broken jewelry or discolored jewelry. The “melt value” is what matter most, so you can still get a decent offer.

Tip: Before selling your jewelry, make sure that you?ve had it weighed beforehand. You should also know the current rate for gold so that you?re not low-balled.

Clothes, Furniture, and Other Household Items

Just about everything you own can be sold for cash if you no longer have a use for it. Most are familiar with the selling of things like clothes, furniture, and other household items for cash. Yard sales are the common way to do this. If you live in a heavily populated area and advertise well, you could get decent money for things you don?t want anymore.

Tip: For those who don?t like to do yard sales or don?t have the time or space for it, there are other ways to sell your stuff. This includes clothes, furniture, and household items that you no longer want. Sell your used items online at marketplaces like eBay or through mobile applications like Let it Go. You can even sell your old belongings to interested parties 24/7.

There are a lot of ways to make money, but selling your stuff for cash is one of the quickest solutions. Unlike part-time jobs and side hustles that require continual time, effort, and capital, selling things you no longer want won?t require much of an investment. To get the most for your belongings, be sure to shop around and choose a buyer or selling platform that produces the best financial output for you.

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4 Responses to Things Around the House You Could Earn Big Bucks Selling

  1. I’ve been doing just that, selling my ‘stuff’. I’ve several upscale consignment stores in my area for both housed goods or women’s clothes and accessories.
    I used to just donate and be done with it. Not now! Hubby and I are purging slowly now we’re empty nesters of 5 kids!
    Great ideas and suggestions. Be sure to checkout consignment shops!!!

  2. Hi Ruth Ann – With 5 grown kids your house must be a treasure trove of good stuff. My wife and I have a long history of selling our stuff. We’ve done garage sales, eBay, Craigslist, and made hundreds over the years. It’s found money! Now my kids, now in their early 20s, do the same and have been for years. With cell phones and computer gear there’s more to sell than ever. A couple of months ago my daughter picked up over $300 from selling some of her Barbie stuff from when she was a kid. It’s lesson I’m really glad they both learned.

    That can even be turned into a side business. Once you start selling your own stuff successfully, you get a good grasp of what sells and what doesn’t. You can always get more “inventory” by shopping at garages sales and flea markets. It’s a good skill to have.

  3. The biggest item, I have around my house/apartment is a bunch of books, I would love to sell but these places that “claim” to buy your books only want certain books, so I have had to go to as many local libraries in my geographic area and leaving the books. Most of my books are in good condition, too. It seems paper editions aren’t appreciated right now.
    Also, I learned that some of these places who sell items for you, sell for less than value, and the buyers re-sell on e-Bay for more money. Apparently there’s an app you can download on phone that tells you real value of item. Those shyters go around thrift and consignment shops and buy cheap and sell high. There are too many scammers in my locality to profit from this.
    Those of you who can do it –good luck

  4. Hi Maria – Books are on the list with CDs and DVDs as being hard/impossible to sell for any real money. As people shift to digital media, all those items have less value. Most are worth a dollar or less. The sites that buy “books” usually want only gently used and recent edition college text books.

    My wife and I were at Target last week shopping for CDs for Christmas. We discovered they only have half of one side of an aisle for them, and they only have a limited number of titles. No one’s buying them anymore, so they don’t sell them. My thinking is that a lot of this stuff will become more valuable in a few years, as the secondary market (eBay, Craigslist, etc.) becomes the only way to get them.

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