Top 5 Money Conscious Data Plans For Every Internet User

More than 75% of the population own a smartphone, and about 45% consistently connect to the internet throughout the day, the American Psychological Association has revealed. People are using more data today than in the past few years as the mobile platform expands. That’s why there’s a real need to make money conscious data plans a priority.

You probably conduct all your online activities ? web browsing, social media, watching audio and video ? on your mobile device. Consequently, you are using more data on your phone than any other device in the house. Data can get quite expensive, so you need to find money conscious mobile data plans that can fit your tight budget. Here are the top five data plans you can pursue.

Top 5 Money Conscious Data Plans For Every Internet User
Top 5 Money Conscious Data Plans For Every Internet User

Republic Wireless 30

According to Sheehy from NerdWallet, Republic Wireless, though only five years old in the market, has developed a cult following. You have probably never heard about it, but it is drawing massive attention due to its hybrid calling, a technology that will seamlessly switch you between cellular and Wi-Fi networks during voice calls.

It means that the moment your phone detects a Wifi network, it automatically changes your calls to use that network, saving you data costs. It also has a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs. If you are a modest internet user, you will find it quite appropriate as it costs only $30 a month and you can have as much 2GB of data at your disposal.

AT&T GoPhone 6GB

This plan is for those who are addicted to social media, browsing the web for almost anything under the sun, and occasionally streaming videos because they will need about 4.5GB of data each month. This plan provides more than enough data for the average user, but it is 20% cheaper than any other plan in this category.

You may not manage to consume all the data, but you can roll over any unused data to the next month. You also enjoy faster speeds because the AT&T network has a reliable LTE coverage. However, if you exceed the 6GB cap, your internet won?t disconnect ? it will become slower. This plan costs $45 per month.

T-Mobile One

If you are addicted to Netflix videos, and you stream them daily, you need a reliable unlimited data plan that will comfortably handle your addiction. T-Mobile wins because it has revamped its unlimited plan and offered the best value for your money. At just $75 a month, you get LTE speeds and an unlimited data at 3G speeds so you can turn your mobile device into a hotspot.

Although the data carrier may tighten the speeds when you hit 32GB, you will be glad to know that it is the best plan for travelers. While abroad, the provider offers you unlimited texting and data, and you get a whole hour of in-flight Gogo Wifi.

Cricket Wireless Smart

This plan best suits those who love sharing everything with their significant others. If both of you are average data consumers, you will find this plan great because it avails a whopping 8GB of data per person at just $90 per month. Cricket is the cheapest of similar data plans and has an above-average customer rating score according to J.D. Power.

You will love the fact that it runs on the AT&T network, which is among the most reliable networks you can ever find. However, you may have to contend with slower download speeds of 8Mbps, the result of being a secondary carrier hence subject to AT&T control measures.

T-Mobile One Multi-User Data Plan

If you love to enjoy internet connection with the rest of the family members without compromising on speed and data charges, your best choice would be the T-Mobile One multi-user data plan. Their price of $140 per month includes fees and taxes, so you won?t have to worry about hidden charges.

Your teenage kids? heavy data use won?t get on your nerves because this plan offers unlimited data, but you have to brace for slower speeds if the overall family data use goes beyond the 32GB limit.

Today?s world of information technology explosion means that data would be indispensable. Data can be quite costly especially if you love to stream videos and spend endless hours on social media. The good news is that many money conscious mobile data plans are available to help you incur minimum data expenditures.

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11 Responses to Top 5 Money Conscious Data Plans For Every Internet User

  1. Good ideas and will work for some.
    I switched a few years back from Verizon to t mobile. I saved quite a bit but I regretted it from almost day one.
    I found the coverage great as long as I stayed in the city. The minute I got out of the city the coverage was spotty or didn’t work at all.
    I travel all over and switched back to Verizon and have never had an issue again.
    Verizon is without a doubt more expensive but was well worth it for me.
    Just beware that most of these plans to talk a big game and do work but I have found the realiablity sub par in most cases.
    Also making calls and being on a random wifi is in many cases not secure at all.
    I never even use hotel WiFi. I use my phone hotspot with my computer.

  2. Over the years that I have had a cell phone , I learned to know what I needed in a plan accordingly. My first carrier was the original pre-T-moblile carrier which I switched out of when they were expanding cell tower service because I could not get a decent connection in my area. I switched to Sprint at the time when their service connection was the best in my area ( problem with them was expanding users without expanding service). When I starting having problems getting connections, I switched to AT&T which I have at present. Since I have an iPhone now, it is the best carrier for that specific phone.
    I mentioned my history with carriers because of certain things I earned along the way to the carrier I have now. To choose a plan and carrier, price should not be the main factor. Get cheap and get cheap service.
    You need to know the following factors to decide how you want service which then decides your cost—
    1. What kind of phone do you have–Android versus iPhone–you need the best carrier for your phone type
    2. Where do you use the phone the most — at work, traveling, at home–geographic location
    3. Services you use on phone–streaming, texting, gaming, conversations
    4. Types of apps you most use–Face book, Instagram,GPS road help
    5. Know how much data you use on an average monthly basis.
    Then compare the plans offered and get the best value for your money to cover all your needs without overage charges. Always give yourself a cushion just in case, Especially if you are sharing a family plan with others.
    I am on a family plan with my son, plus he has his friend on plan. His friend is why we have a higher plan than really needed because he works on the philosophy that you are supposed use up all data or it is a waste of data. We now monitor his use of data and let him know when he gets close to his allotted amount so he won’t cause our phones to be slowed down by his overuse. Nothing is worse than dealing with a phone connection slowdown. It is amazing what is considered data use, ( checking emails multiple times during the day, apps that constantly upload updates,GPS,etc.) All I can say is know your use and needs to get a plan that works for you without paying excessive charge with same billing every month.

  3. Hi Tim – We left Verizon for a time, and it was a disaster. I’d rather pay more for the better coverage and customer service than to penny pinch on the fee and end up having trouble from every direction.

  4. HI Kevin: I’m embarrassed to say I read this and didn’t know what the hell I was reading!! You made perfect sense; it’s just that I don’t do anything on my cell except make or receive an occasional call. Same for my husband. However, we have Verizon and will stay with them for the reasons stated here. We have the cheapest plan they offer, and it more than meets our needs. And while I know we can get a far cheaper plan elsewhere, we don’t want the hassle of changing, and they’ve provided reliable service. We’d rather pay for quality than try to save and take chances. But that’s just us. Again, I ramble on here, and you said it succinctly in your line above. 🙂

  5. Thanks Bev. I’m with you. I have one of those flip phones that only does calls and texts, and that’s enough for me. I spend all day most days on the web, and don’t need to be on it when I’m not at home. Like yesterday my wife and I spent the day in Maine, and I was perfectly happy to not be “connected”. We’ll probably go the smartphone route once my flip phone dies – which could be any day! Our kids are pushing it, and we already have unlimited data, that my wife and I don’t use. But I can see it coming in handy with GPS and other services.

    I think that though Verizon is the most expensive it will eventually change too. As other services cut their rates, Verizon will be forced to lower theirs. I hope the quality doesn’t drop when they do. Their coverage seems to be the most comprehensive geographically, and since we don’t live in a large metropolitan area, we need wider coverage. We’ll drive hundreds of miles from home and not lose connection at any point. That has real value. When we were with Cingular/AT&T a few years ago we frequently lost connection/dropped calls, even in the middle of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

    It was ironic too. It sometimes happened right in front of one of their highway billboards that advertised “Fewest Dropped Calls”. Ya gotta love it!

  6. That Cingular plan you were on was incorporated into the T-Mobile coverage. But you are right choose carrier by the coverage it provides for your geographic area. My son used to sell cell phones for Sprint until he switched us to AT&T, so he had access to coverage maps. As I am writing this, there’s a T-mobile ad on TV pushing a cheap rate which is suppose to include Netflix with tiny print on bottom screen which explains the limitations.
    Verizon has become pricey especially since they dropped their grandfathered plans which forced many to re-evaluate cost. Where I am out geographically all the carriers have the same problem in the same space, which I found out is due to the special antennas over the police stations and the electric towers placements. Only reason I am with At&T versus Verizon, is the better reception and connection for the IPhones we have. Plus the family plan we have came with a more than sufficient level to deal with any data usage. (Hence the monitoring of my son’s friend’s data usage). In those unlimited plans, I have noted that the carriers will lower speed uploads and downloads during certain key periods at their discretion not at your need. I also do most of my connection with phone via WiFI while home since we have a dedicated WIFI connection. I don’t have dropped calls unless I am traveling upstate (New York) as there are blank areas along the roads (all carriers have it)
    Most people today want to use data on phones for playing games, videos, etc. When choosing a plan, they should check the speed of download via an app, per carrier. Phones today are not just for talking by most.

  7. I think you’re right Maria, the original purpose of cell phones – making calls – has been so watered down that the service is being overloaded with other uses. You really do have to work with what ever provider works best in your area, or offers the features most important to you. I can tell you this, phones now do so much that my 20-something y/o kids have a meltdown whenever their phone are lost, broken or otherwise malfunctioning. It’s probably how we reacted when we were younger and the TV went out.

  8. Verizon has already publically said that they will not drop their rates. The spokeman I saw said that they feel like they have the best coverage and service. Therefore they don’t feel the need to drop their rates to compete.

    Verizon in my opinion has the best coverage. I’ve been all over the country. Deserts, mountians and oceans off various coasts and I have never had an issue with verizon. I’ve been in situations where everybody had no service except me. None of them had verizon. I do use the GPS quite a bit. I also have four people with cellphones.
    Since we have no home phone and I have no cable. I need high speed reliable internet. Needless to say I have unlimited data.

    It’s true though. Some do not need this kind of service. It’s smart to taylor your plan to what you acually need or use. There are much cheaper plans that will work fine as long as your not asking for much other than basic phone and text and if you don’t travel much.

    The smartphone comes in so handy and has become a must while traveling. They are worth their weight in gold.

  9. Hi Tim – I’ve thought about going the cheaper plan route a few times. Our bill is well over $200 per month, which I think is excessive for communications that don’t include internet. But my family would revolt. And all we’d need is ONE emergency situation with no phone coverage, and we’d come running back to Verizon with our tails between our legs.

    But that said, I have to disagree that Verizon doesn’t need to cut their rates. There are limits to the value of top of the line service. When the next recession hits, they’ll lose a few hundred thousand customers to lower cost providers, and then they’ll adjust.

  10. I was just stating what they say publically. I agree that it might be forced upon them. It’s all insanity anyway. 1000 for the new I phone? Really?
    It’s all blown out of control.

    There still be idiots lined up to buy it. What happened to any logic that we had as a people? My father passed in 1978. he would turn over in his grave if he saw what we over spend on. Which in my opinion is just about evrything.

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