What Your Car Says About You

Although not all vehicles can be as lifelike as Herbie the Love Bug, or as distinctive as the Batmobile, your set of wheels still makes a statement about your personality and priorities every time you pull away from the curb. Perhaps the vehicle you?ve chosen reveals that you?re focused on fuel efficiency and dependability so you can get to and from the office day in and day out. Or maybe your heavy-duty pickup truck reveals your tendency to tackle a hefty weekend to-do list complete with stops all over town. What your car says about you is one of those subtle factors that determines what you buy and drive.

Read on to learn more about what your vehicle says about you and your lifestyle.

Family and Friends First

Many people?s first instinct is to equate the minivan with soccer tournaments and family road trips complete with plenty of ?are we there yet?? inquiries from the backseat, but minivans have gotten sleeker and more luxurious in the last few model years.

What Your Car Says About You
What Your Car Says About You

If you drive a modern minivan, like the Chrysler model championed by none other than comedian Jim Gaffigan, you?re probably exuding the image of a parent who?s busy but capable. You?re demonstrating that you?re always willing to pick up an extra carpool shift when needed, and that you value the needs of your family first and foremost.

Eco-Friendly Adventurer

A hatchback is an ideal option for drivers who need plenty of space for their gear, but don?t want to hog the road with a gas-guzzling SUV. These trusty three- or five-door vehicles might be exactly the ticket for a greener way to get around without sacrificing utility.

If you drive a hatchback, it displays an active lifestyle in which you want to store plenty of gear as you cruise from destination to destination. Your vehicle shows off your athletic side while still conveying that you value practicality above anything else.

The Center of Attention

There are many flavors of sports car, from powerful daily drivers up to European models that cost as much as a house. These vehicles all share a few rip-roaring attributes: performance, speed, and design. It?s possible that your sports car has a spoiler, a body kit, or a custom accessory, which means that you have a keen eye for detail and like to stand out from the pack.

If you drive a sports car, your foot is probably itching to satisfy your need for speed. It?s obvious to everyone around you that you don?t mind showing off a little bit in the process. A sports car is loud, flashy, and exciting, and it?s more than likely that you are too.

Do-It-All Weekend Warrior

Maybe you work on a farm, construction site, or another location that requires your vehicle to be up to a number of hauling and towing tasks. Or maybe you?re the type of person that has a long to-do list and you need plenty of capacity and payload to gather supplies and make it all happen.

If you drive a pickup truck, you put capability and performance first. You might be a little bit tough and old-fashioned, but when it comes down to it, you?ll be the first person to offer up your truck when someone in your life needs help transporting large objects. It?s also likely that you?re loyal to a pickup truck brand and intend on sticking with it for life.

No matter which type of vehicle you consider your home away from home, you certainly didn?t just pick the first model that caught your eye. You probably spent hours researching online, visiting dealerships, and putting your vehicle through its paces during a test drive. It?s important to give the same consideration to find the perfect affordable car insurance plan to protect your beloved set of wheels and satisfy your wallet, too. Happy driving.

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  1. I drive a Lexus bought used from a family member for cash and a pickup truck which was purchased new but is now paid off. The truck is 12 years old and going strong and the Lexus is 8 years old. Hopefully both will last for many more years. Not sure what the combination says about me. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Kathy – Nothing scientific, but I’d say that it says you have an eye for a bargain (and an opportunity), but with a strong emphasis on value at the same time. That’s a healthy mix, and one that’s a lot less impulse-driven than the average car buyer. You’ve saved thousands of dollars using that strategy, but at the same time it’s obvious you’re driving good cars by the length of time you’ve had them.

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