Which Type of Attorney Do You Need?

Do you happen to have a legal question or issue and don?t know who to turn to? The issue you have may have criminal or monetary repercussions. Getting the advice of an attorney can give you the peace of mind. That comes with knowing that you are doing things the right way. Do you know what type of attorney you need?

Law in the US can be complicated. For that reason, attorneys tend to become specialized in one or two different areas of the law. That’s why you might need different types of attorneys for different legal issues.

Which Type of Attorney Do You Need?
Which Type of Attorney Do You Need?

Here is a bit of info about some of the different types that might be just right for your needs.

Personal Injury

Have you have suffered injuries due to an accident of some kind that you were not responsible for? You might want to see a personal injury lawyer. This type of lawyer is one who specializes in getting compensation for their clients. Compensation is in the form of damages for those injuries that were caused by the negligence of other parties.

Estate Planning

Everyone dies. It can be from an advanced stage cancer, or even from something that kills you slowly ? like diabetes. An estate planner can help you with your will or with setting up a trust. Either can allow you to pass your belongings and assets down to someone else.

SSI Disability Attorney

What if you happen to suffer from a disabling condition and think you might qualify for Social Security? This is the type of attorney you will need. The SSI disability system can be one that is incredibly difficult to navigate. Lawyers who specialize with this type of issue can give you assistance, and help with issues regarding eligibility, appeals, and more.

Intellectual Property Attorney

This type of lawyer is also called an IP lawyer. They can offer advice on things like issues that pertain to intellectual property. That includes trade secrets, industrial design, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Rights regarding these things are intangible and are typically perceived as issues concerning creative ownership. This is a broad field and it encompasses quite a few areas.

Employment Lawyers

It doesn?t matter if you are a business that is having issues with an employee or if you are a person who is having issues with the business you work for. Employment attorneys can help you when it comes to legal issues. These can arise from inside an employment relationship or from a contract for employment that is being contested.

Corporate Lawyers

If you’re a business owner, you might have reason to consult a corporate attorney. This can happen on a number of different occasions. Corporate attorneys can assist you with issues that are related to forming your business, general governance issues and even when it comes to issues with compliance.

Securities and Finance Attorneys

This type of attorney operates only in a very specific area law. They typically only deal with issues that are related to individuals and banks that issue money. They even deal with businesses when they sell stock. Some also assist in defending clients if an entity like the SEC or the IRS files a complaint against said clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions Attorneys

Lawyers in this field deal with the selling and buying of businesses. This can actually be quite a complicated process and usually takes entire teams of attorneys. Lawyers in this field are very well versed when it comes to things like securities and finance laws. They also have to be on top of the tax laws so that they structure deals they oversee the right way.

There are quite a few different types of attorneys that are available in the legal marketplace.? When it comes time for you to seek legal assistance, locate an attorney who is very experienced in the specific area of the law you’re facing.

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  1. Lots of good information here, Laura! I used to be of the mindset that “I hope I never need a lawyer for anything,” but with life and the law being as complicated as they are, I’m re-thinking my position. How do I want whatever assets I have left to be used after I’m gone (assuming I still have any)? What if I have an accident or a crippling illness and unable to make decisions? Who do I want to act as a power of attorney or durable power of attorney? As you pointed out, having someone who can help you navigate these difficult questions is something more of us probably want to pursue!

  2. Hi Steve – You’re so right. Often it isn’t a choice. It could be any of the reasons you’ve mentioned, but at that point an attorney becomes a “necessary evil”, like having to go to the hospital – you only go because you have to, not because you want to be there. If you think about it, there are a lot of things in life that are like that. But then life isn’t the joyride it’s made out to be on TV or the social media. An attorney is like a gun, better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have it. (Though I’ve never owned a gun myself!)

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